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I'm not sure exactly what you meant by saying, "I was told and did not listen;" however, there is NO reason that you should refrain from coming here or even posting. In fact, because of your husband's sad passing maybe you should come here more often and post as often as you need.

I say this for multiple reasons. We are family here; caregivers, cancer patients/survivors, family/friends of cancer patients, and anybody who has lost someone to cancer. Just because your husband is no longer with us doesn't mean that you are no longer allowed to post here or are no longer a part of this family.

I found a different type of support here that nobody else in my life could provide to me. I depend on this support because the people on these boards KNOW what it feels like to walk in my shoes.

While I can only imagine what you are going through I KNOW others on this board have lost someone and maybe they can provide a comfort to you; if you allow it.

Also, if you hang around, there is unfortunately going to come a time when you may be able to pass on some comfort to someone else who has lost a loved one.

*gets off of my soapbox*

I pray for your comfort during these hard times.



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    Hey, Tricia, I second the motion! Can you SHARE your soapbox????
    It has been said before, but bears repeating....we here have 'been there, done that' expert panel of experts!
    Hugs, Kathi
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    I know how alone you can feel as a caregiver--but this is the best place to heal those feelings. I sent you an email and feel free to write anytime you want.
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    We welcome the caregivers here. They continue to give support and encouragement to the survivors. In fact, we had 2 caregivers who lost their spouse to this dreaded disease attend our CP-3 in April. They are very much a part of our family and we are here for them as much as they are here for us.

    Come to this board whenever you feel the need to share your grief and we will give you comfort. No group of people knows better what you are going through then we do.

    Let us comfort you.

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    I was a caregiver to my husband, Scott. After he passed away (10/1/05) these boards were my release. I am one of the people who attended CP3 and it was great to get together with people who can relate. Please don't stop coming here. Sometimes I feel that I can't contribute to some of the discussions because I don't want newcomers to think what happened to my husband will happen to them, but when I can respond to a post like this one, it does make me feel good!

    Please hang around. If you need someone to talk to, email me.

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    Gotta agree with my home-gurlz here. We're family, many of us understand very well what you're going thru, and we all know that venting and "talking" is an essential part of the grieving process and we're here to help you with it because we may need your help some day.

    Post, vent, scream, cry, ask, laugh, heal.

    We are family (someone cue-up that 70's disco tune by Sister Sledge...)

    Gotta go put on my qiana shirt and italian horn necklace now...

    Stayin' Alive!

    - SpongeBob
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    We are here for you. When you feel it is time, please let us know how you are doing. We care about you. Terri