Small Cell Cancer

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Hi, Everyone,

I am a breast cancer survivor and used the Cancer Survivors Network during the entire time of my treatment.

I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year. She went through the surgery and chemo. Recently she had a hysterectomy and they found more tumors with lesions. The cancer was diagnosed as "small cell cancer".

I have been looking on the internet for information on small cell cancer and most of it is about lung cancer.

Can anyone point me in the right direction about small cell cancer and is it only associated with lung cancer?

I will also post this on the ovarian cancer topic.

Thanks so much for any help.



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    The only small cell cancer I have heard about is lung cancer. However, wherever the cancer originated from, is what it is called. Fore example, if lung cancer spreads to teh liver, i is still called lung cancer. Your firend should definitely speak to her doctor and get more information! We really have to be proactive here! Whishing you and your friend all the best!