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I was diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer, the end of February 2006. Unfortunately it was four days after I had the remainder of my lower teeth removed and implants put in. Two of the implants failed shortly after the first chemo, the other two are strong and healthy, but because they are on the same side, I cannot have a working lower denture made, I will need the other implants put back in and await their healing.

I have finished four sessions of chemo at three week intervals and will have a CT and some other tests done shortly. If they are good, they will remove the upper left lobe of my lung along with the tumor and affected lympth node. From what I hear, this is not a surgical procedure to look forward to, but it can lead to a cure, so I will "suck it up".

Besides, not being able to chew any solid food, I find that almost everything tastes terrible. I* am particularly upset that liquids such as water, juice and soda taste to bad. I am wondering if anyone can give me a clue on when I might expect the altered taste to return to normal. Forty plus years of smoking and as a now non-smoker, I am looking forward to getting my sense of taste and smell back. Meanwhile, I will eat and drink what is necessary to sustain life and support recovery.


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    Ignicoll, about a year before you I had my chemo for lung cancer. It was Taxol and Carboplatin. I guess chemo has some individual characteristics, but I did not have any altered sense of taste. Which chemo did you have?

    As far as the surgery, I was lucky and they took the upper right lobe. I hear the upper left ain't that bad. Well, of course, it's major surgery. But I was in and out of the hospital in 5 days. It took me a little longer to heal at home. Hehe. Anyway, I hope you are in surgery soon, and best of luck!
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    Just finished chemo about a month ago and my taste has just about returned to normal. Still recovering fron the surgery to right upper lobe in Nov 2005. Good luck. Remember to do your breathing exercises after surgery it will speed you recovery.
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    Ignicoll, I had the upper right lobe removed along with the tumor in 1/06, and followed with 4 chemo treatments in 3 week intervals, and it has been just three weeks since I finished. I never had the altered taste, the only thing was a weight gain of 15 lbs, which I'm told is steriods. I feel great, have a great doctor, and I'm in God's hands! You have made it this far, and have faith, and your taste buds will be back soon!
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    Hi. You might remember me as a survivor of nsclc, 3a. It's about 5 years, now, and I'm still cancer free. So I have to tell you that it's worth what you have to go through. You've got a good handle on the surgery, so I won't go there. The problem with the implants is probably chemo-related. We don't heal well during chemo treatment. My chemo was Cisplatin/Etoposide. I had very poor taste, and everything tasted like cardboard, at best. Upon completion of chemo treatment, my taste returned to normal after a month or so. After surgery, you will be given a small device with which to do breathing exercises. DO THESE EXERCISES RELIGIOUSLY! They are easy, and are very important to your recovery to "normal". Then, when you are up to it, start walking. Walk short distances at first, then walk farther each time. About a month after my surgery, I was given ten radiation treatments and twelve weekly chemo treatments. Neither of these treatments bothered me in the least, - no side effects, etc., - nothing. If they are recommended for you, my advice is to take them. They are good insurance against recurrence. Best wishes and prayers to you for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. This is definitely do-able! Ernie
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    hi there, that is so funny. I had the same thing with me with not tasting anything. Beleive it or not my altered taste was because I was a smoker. I smoked over 35 years, and I knew no other way of tasting. Everything I ate was so good when I was smoking. Now Im smoke free, my food is terible. I use to think it was medicaine, it wasnt. Im now just starting to taste more but guess whatelse happned???? I eat differently too. I hate the fods I use to eat. And I eat the foods I use to hate. Im the opposite now. isnt that weird??? I had lung cancer also.Im 55 and I had 2/3 of my right lung removed. No matastisizing(spreading). It was locallized in that one area that they removed by surgery. Then I had 4 treatments of chemo. My hair is coming back and it looks so cute. dont have to curl it its curly. my hair use to be long, dull and straight. mousy hair..llol now its short, curly and styled
    anyways,I never drank soda and I never ate chips. Now its my favorite. I even hate chinese food and I use to crave and so on and so forth. I was diagnosed last year in college in March. Its been 14 months im cancer free.
    so anyways, talk to you later. I havnt touched a cigarrete in 14 months. But i shure crave them. Ill never touch them again. Im petrified of smoking and the smell.