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Can you please tell us more about the gamma gun procedure that your aunt had? What is that exactly, how did she find out about it, where did she go in China, who was her doctor and was it costly? That is a lot of questions I know but a freind is also being told there's no cure for him and has large nodules in his liver - too large for ablation therapy. Thanks so much!


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    Kathryn -

    RFA only is considered an options for tumors up to a certain size, but have you been told that liver resection surgery is not an option? That is the "textbook" treatment and while invasive can be quite successful. I know you are working so hard on Mark's behalf - if surgical resection has not been discussed I think you should pursue this.

    Take care (of you and Mark too)
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    Hi all...I'm new to the network and have been reading all the posts to uncover additional info. to possibly help my mom. She was diagnosed Stage IV in June 2005 with mets to the liver. She has gone through chemo since early July which has been very effective on the colon (almost no sign anymore), however the liver is our main concern now. After the end of her cycle in February she had scans done and the oncologist indicated it looked like surgery was the next step. After seeing multiple specialists, surgery is not an option nor RFA. The lesions on her liver are "marbelized" so they say... swirled throughout so each procedure would be too risky. It is believed that most of the lesions in the liver are now dead tissue or calcified, however it needs to be removed. Does anyone have any similar experiences with this or ideas on where to turn next? You are all so inspirational and bring so much hope! I appreciate anything you have to offer. Much thanks!
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    Hello LiverMetsBGone,

    You may want to start your own thread, it will be easier for everybody to find it.

    Best Wishes for your Mother.
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    Hi Kathryn:

    Sorry it's not gamma gun but gamma knife. You can find all kinds of references to it via google.

    My aunt herself is an MD so she knows a lot about treatments in general. She also has a lot of friends in China who works in hospitals. I have no idea how much it cost. I can try to find out. It's not really practical for Americans to go seek medical treatments in China, because you really need to know people and have connections there. However, by the look of the google hits, I think you can get that treatment here.

    I'll get back to you if I can track down more info from this aunt.