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Hi everyone,
I hope that you are all doing well.
I had scans today so I am now playing the waiting game. I was doing ok until tonight and now my nerves are shot.
I'm also in the middle of moving. I have to be out of my house by May 31 and I haven't found any place to rent yet. I did not anticipate finding a small house in a residential area with air conditioning to be a problem, but it turns out to be really difficult to find.
My place of employment was holding my job for me and decided not to any longer.
I guess I'm just stressed out with everything going on. I think I need a really good, long vacation!
Thanks for listening. I needed to vent.


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    Good grief, the waiting games is so stressful. Hope you don't have to wait too long. And moving house And losing your job! i am not surprised your nerves are shot. Is there any chance that you could take a nice long holiday, or even a brilliant short one?

    Best thoughts
  • kerry
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    As KathiM would say, just BREATHE IN AND BREATHE OUT! You have every right to be stressed right now. Just the waiting game is enough to drive a person up a wall.......

    Things will work out. Priority #1 is taking care of you.

    I'll send you some special vibes today.

  • NanD
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    Hi Jamie, I really am glad you sent out your post-sometimes it's really helpful to just admit you're having a tough time. And you really are. I've said a prayer for you, for your tests, for your move, for your new home, and for the strength to endure. It will get better. Love ya! Nancy
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    I am praying that you get good results. Hang in there. I know how you feel. The waiting game is no fun.

  • lfondots63
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    Hi Jamie,

    Like Kathi said, take some deep breaths. Yes you have a right to be stressed. I think if you just concentrate on getting somewhere to live everything else will follow. Did you contact a realator. It might be the best way to relieve some of your stress. Let them look for the perfect house for you. Also can you go on disablility or umemployement until you find a job. Being worried about money is the worse too. Good vibes your way for all this and the test results. We are all here for you. HUGS!!!

  • AuthorUnknown
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    Hi Jamie,

    When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? Hang in there, just take 1 day at a time.

    About the job: if they are terminating your employment because of your illness, you could probably take them to court. I would look into your legal rights as far as labor law is concerned. Call a labor lawyer in your area. They should be able to give you free advice on the phone. You can then decide what to do next.

    About moving and rent: if you really must be out of your house, you may want to find something suitable at all temporarily (even though it is said that nothing is more permanent than temporary). You need to take care of your health, and looking for a place to live is very stressful. So, maybe there is something out there that you can put up with.

    Hopefuly and most importantly your scans results are good.

    Best wishes, Eleonora
  • Betsydoglover
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    Jamie -

    There is no getting around that scan related stress and it can be awful. Both the waiting and the jumping out of your skin everytime the phone rings. The only scan I ever had that didn't cause me stress was my second scan during an NIH evaluation, because it was just 4 weeks after the first one there. In my own head I developed a theory that my good results couldn't possibly change in just 28 days! With that in mind perhaps the cure is simply getting scanned once a month! Something quite wrong with this logic. And now I am back on a more normal schedule and expect big stress when I have my next ones on 6/30.

    Moving and job loss are both hugely stressful. Scan anxiety on top of that is enough to really put you over the top I am sure. Good luck with finding a new home and the job situation. At least the scan anxiety, as horribly intense as it can be, is relatively short lived. Sending huge good vibes your way.

    Take care,