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Hi everyone, I was wondering if you can tell me which is the best pain meds out there. My dad tried Oxycotin but it gave him hallucinations. If you could please let me know which pain meds helped your loved ones I would appreciate it. I just want to stop the pain for him. He is experiencing alot of pain right now and I believe its from the tumors growing in his chest area. Its awful because my mother cant stand seeing him like this so she keeps asking me how long it will take him to die and I think thats an awful question to ask your daughter. He does have one more treatment he can try which is Eribux but I think he is too frail for it. He is in alot of pain and only weighs 130 pounds right now. I wonder if its worth putting him through the pain of chemo because how much longer would that even give him. But then again maybe if the Eribux can shrink the tumors he wont be in as much pain. I hate this dreaded disease. I just dont want to watch him suffer one more day!! Thank you.


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    When my Dad was end stage we had very good luck with plain old morphine. You can even let the tablets disolve under the tongue. I know how hard it is for you and your family now having been there myself. I hope you are working with Hospice...they can be a great help, especially for your Mom. It would give her someone to ask those difficult questions to and get sound advice. I pray your Dad's doctor will be able to rapidly find a good way to control his pain.
    Love and prayers your way, Joyce
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    Mindy -

    Joyce is absolutly right about all of the many services hospice can provide. Two biggies are pain management for your dad - the one that works best for him - and grief counseling for your mom. There are so many negative connotations surrounding the word hospice, but really they are there for the entire family and it is an excellent resource that you should really consider.

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

    - SpongeBob
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    I'm just a lurker, but I thought I'd put my two cents in. When my father was in terrible pain, they hooked him up to a small machine. Whenever he had pain, he could push the button and he would instantly receive extra morphine. In addition, the machine was constantly delivering pain medication - which cut down somewhat on the need to remember which pain pill to give and when. This was all done at home and the machine was small enough that it wasn't restrictive.

    As for when to discontinue chemo, my father's oncologist always maintained that the person should decide for themself. I think that is pretty sound advice.

    Finally, ditto what everyone said about hospice. They were there for Dad physically and for everybody emotionally. We could call them at 2am and they would come right over.

    Hope this helps!