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hi Im 29 and was diagnose with HD IIB in 2005,i went through 6 cycles of chimo and 30 days of radiation theraphy and im under remission since then but i get a night sweat every time i drink alcohol,has anyone ever experienced the same thing or does it have anything to do with cancer
i should mention that i had a blood test done recently and it came back fine but im still worring, i will appriciate any response


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  • cupac
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    Hi kuldude....i am 33 and have been in remission for 4years this month. i was getting nights sweats for a while after i finished treatment. are you female or male? i am a female and was getting night sweats due to hormonal changes and possible early menopause i think. but i would not worry about the night sweats too much especially if your blood test is fine. your body is still trying to get over the chemo and it does take a few years for your body to get back to normal as i discovered. do not worry. my advise would be however to keep alcohol to an absolute minimum and if drinking alcohol at all stick to the red wine as it is full of antioxidants and is actually good for you...keep it to a minimum. remember your health is still your number one priority and you do want to stay healthy i am sure. by sweating it out, your body is probably telling you that it does not want the alcohol.
  • kuldude
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    hi i just wanted to thank you for your replies,it calmed me down
    and Cupac im a male but you are right it could be my body recovering from the chimo
  • sherra
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    Congrats on your remission! I've been in remission now for 3.5 yrs. Every time I sweat during the night, have a fever, or run out of breath; in the back of my mind I think, "could it be?" This, I've learned from survivors of all kinds of cancer, is normal. Living with cancer is a hard, horrible thing. Surviving cancer as great as it is, is not always easy. Keep up with regular appts. to your doctor and express all of your concerns to him/her but as long as you have a clean bill of health from the doc don't let these concerns run your life. If you are having reoccuring symptoms and your worried, talk with your doctor ASAP. If its something you experience only after having a few, its probably not something to worry about. You've been through hell and back this past year and its completely normal to wonder "what if or could it be?"