Getting Non-Toxic Products for Home

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I am a mother of 1 and very concerned with my familys health. I had heard that the products we use in the home and on our body's are not regulated, they can have pesticides and chemicals in them that cause cancer, central nervous system disorders , asthma allergies etc. So I switched my home out to non-toxic personal care products, makeup, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent. I have spent many hours researching these toxic products and it's everything, even baby shampoo has formaldahyde in it and sls which is very toxic. These products are believed to break down our immune systems too. With family and friends of mine that have or had cancer this was something I introduced to them, some of their doctors had all ready told them to get toxic products out of their home. The company I use the products are not expensive and the most reputable with science and research. Have you all checked into this! One article I just read said that they did a study on babies umbilical cords and found an average of 287 different chemicals in their cords that went through mom into baby. Some of the chemicals our in our products we use on a daily basis. Know wonder so many of our family and friends our effected by cancer. Good website: even the cancer society has some articles on toxins in personal care products. I have kind of became an advocate to help families get these products for their homes. If anyone would like to know more please email me at