Is there a standard amount for radiation?

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another good question; (worth re-posting)
radiation is cumulative; each individual has a lifetime amount they can tolerate, ask your Dr how many Rads/Gys you have received, how much is received from CT/x-ray, etc, and add them up. Ask him/her what your total number is, and what will result from going over that amount. (in addition to the above, you receive additional radiation from various sources everyday,,)There is a lot they don't tell you... bud


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    Hi Bud: this sounds way too technical for me. I have to trust the judgement of the radiation/oncologist. I was all for going ahead and he was the one who said I needed a 2 week vacation from the treatment. Strange thing ... I was "unhooked" on Tuesday and on Thursday night I had the worst case of diarrhea and naseau that I have experienced since this journey started. Yesterday (Sunday) was the first day since my Op on January 4th that I have felt "human".
    I hate the thought that I will have to return to treatment but at least I feel "strong" again.
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    Hi Bud.

    I don't know my num bers, but I know my husband does. ( he works in that field)
    All I know is that I got the maximum I am allowed for my lifetime!!!

    Good thing's worked!

    Knowledge is power!

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    Thanks for the info didn't know that each individual has a lifetime max.
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    wow i had no idea of that info either. so that includes all x rays and scans too? now im wondering. thanks for the info will be looking into that.
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    Radiation effects to the body are classified as gentic or somatic. The genetic damage to your genes are basically permanenr and may effect future children . The somatic effects are the damage to your body cells. aS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HAVE TOO MUCH RADIATION IN TOO SHORT A TIME THE BODY CAN REPAIR MUCH OF THIS somatic DAMAGE. lIKE ALL TREATMENTS RADIATION EFFECTS DIFFERENT people differently. By taking a break the body is able to repair damage and allow additional radiation treatment. The fastest growing cells in the body are most sensitive to radiation. Thus while good cells are killed rapidly growing cancer cells are damaged more. I am trying hard to keep this simple but if you have specfic questions about the effects of radiation to the body just ask.