Celebrating the 5 month mark today!

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Today marks the 5 month anniversary of the day on which my Mom was diagnosed with Stage IIIB NSCLC.

How drastically our lives have changed in these last 5 months.

Mom is nearly done with her first round of chemotherapy-- her last treatment is this week (May 11th). She's been considered a stable patient since early March.

Scary things I read immediately after her diagnosis indicated that patients with malignant pleural effusion might not live more than 3-6 months. We're going to beat that!

I am learning, slowly but surely, to focus on what IS, in the here and now, rather than worrying about the future. Guessing about what might or might not happen is too hard on me, and it's also pointless.

My mother has chosen to behave as a person who is LIVING with lung cancer, rather than someone who is DYING from it. What an important distinction.

We must have faith and be positive. Faith is so much more important than worry.

Peace to everyone.


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    I have your moms name on my prayer list that I carry in my wallet. I also had a pleural effusion. I am going on 10 months and have been cancer free since November. I will get the results of my Pet scan on the 25th of May. We will pray that your mom will also go into remission. Do not forget my favorite statistic, that is 100% of the people God wants to heal will be healed, and we have to believe that your mom is one. Keep the faith.
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    Thank you, Ernie, I'm grateful. I am trying to be VERY strong in my faith. I will be thinking of you later this month when you get your PET scan results, and hoping that nothing but good news comes your way. Thank you again!