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my mom got her surgery and chemo and radio treatment, and she is visiting me to help me in my preganacy, she has got a reoccurance of the cancer cells at the breast area, doc is giving her chemo/herception and now have to take 33radio theary, she does not have insuarance and i am also not working, where do i find finances pls guide me


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    Ask to speak to the social worker affiliated with the hospital where she gets her treatments. They should be trained in helping with such matters. Depending on her finances, she might qualify for medicaid to help cover this. Good luck
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    Also talk to American Cancer society .....they have resources also
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    Also talk to American Cancer society .....they have resources also

    Yes, my friend with a brain tumor just called...the gal told him about a number of funds that could help. Also, try the social services department in your security office in California, for instance.
    ACS is 1-800-ACS-2345.
    Hugs, Kathi
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    I hope this can help. My name is Kim and I doing a market research study on behalf of Data Quest Analystics, a medical research consultancy. We are conducting a marketing research study regarding the new Medicare prescription program. If your mom is 65 years or older she can look into participating in the study. It pays $125.00 and takes place on May 24. It's only $125.00, but hey any little helps.

    If she is 65 years or older. We are looking for people in Atlanta, but if she lives outside of Atlanta that is fine.
    She can call 770.658.1026 (Atlanta area) or 1.866.549.3500 (outside of Atlanta), or email me at for more details.
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    I have a friend who also had cancer a few years ago (I didn’t know him at the time) and unlike me he had no insurance (he was like 20-25). His friends called radio stations, had beef and beers, fundraisers etc. It paid for a great deal of his bills. He told me someone came in his room when he was recovering after surgery and asked him if he had insurance. He told him no and they guy told him he would pay his bill. I think the guy did it anonymously and he never saw him again.

    I had cancer twice and the second time I needed chemo. Because I was 26 and had no kids I needed to store semen for future use. My insurance didn’t cover this so my brother had a beef and beer for me that raised almost 10 thousand dollars.

    I would say that this route may be your best bet (for immediate help anyway). Maybe then you can “get the ball rolling” to say. Hope that helps.