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I have been told I will be getting the Full Spa treatment. Meaning Chemo,Tamoxofin,Radiation. I have about one more month before Chemo starts and would like to give my body a running start. I have been drinking a shake a day of soy/yogurt/ 3tsp.flax oil. Hope this is okay??? I have also been hiking daily good for my head in addition to body. Can anyone give me any more suggestions on preparring myself in advance and during chemo. Also my husband wants us to take a fresh air kid for 2 weeks during summer as we've done in the past. I can't help but feel I may not be up to it. He says he'll do everything but just having him around might be too much for me. I just don't know what to expect from chemo. Any thoughts...


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    Hello, dearheart. All I can suggest to add to that is lay in a supply of water...hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
    Also, a small piece of advice. Don't anticipate too much....some women breeze thru the whole thing with the worst symptom being a general feeling of fatigue. I, unfortunatly, was at the other end of the scale...but no one can predict how they're going to react!
    Congrats on you and hubby taking care of you! That can NEVER be bad!
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Exercising and good nutrition are the best. The better shape your body is in, the more it's able to tolerate the insult of chemo, etc. But remember, we all react somewhat differently so don't compare yourself to anyone else. Depending where you are having therapy they may have a team of dieticians and physical therapists that can help you. Regarding the fresh air kid -- go with your gut feeling. Let us know how you're doing.
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    Please check with your MD regarding the soy! I was told to stay away as it is a phytoestrogen and you want to stay away from them. The cancer cells tend to feed off them. Just a suggestion. HUGS!! Cathy
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    I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. I always recommend Diana Dyer's book for nutritional advice. She is a RD and 3 times cancer survivor. Her website is I saw a RD specialist in cancer nutrition and when I mentioned that I followed Diana's advice, she said that I could not go wrong. Diana does advocate soy which is controversial, but my onc knows I consume it and is perfectly happy with the amount (1-2 servings a day). I'm not sure that the flax oil is good. I think it's better to have the ground flax - buy the seeds whole and then grind them in a blender or coffee grinder.

    As Kathi said, some people have few side effect of chemo. But you can't plan on it. I worked part time teaching one online class and that totally wiped me out. For a few days after chemo, I barely moved beyond my bed or couch. Another thing to consider is that you will look different.


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    Sorry you have joined this group.It is very supported and a wonderful place to come. When I went thru my chemo hoopla..I breezed thru it BUT I was very very fatigued.and like the others have stated....drink water lots of it. I also used guided imagery thru my treatments which I truely believe helped me heal from the inside out. Also the healing touch of God.
    prayers to you thru this challenge of life.
    ((((hugs)))) Cindie
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    Sounds like you are already on a good road to preparing to deal with this trip. I found that once I knew the trip I had to take it was better. I worked most weeks at least 3 days. Some people have a harder time. But I found that keeping thing as routine as possible was better for me.

    Take care... God Bless...

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    Hi SassyAF,

    It sounds like you're doing a lot of good things for yourself in preparing for treatments. The exercise is always a big bonus!

    The only thing I'd suggest is that you talk with your medical oncologist about ANY supplements. As someone else stated, soy is often a no-no for those of us who've had breast cancer, particularly if we were hormone positive. Since you'll be taking Tamox. I'm assuming that you were hormone positive? Certain other supplements can interfere with treatment and your doc should be well informed about which ones and can advise you now what to avoid immediately prior to and during treatment...especially during chemo.

    The flax oil is a real goodie for the body and is a very strong anti-oxidant, rich in omega 3's. I'm 5 years out and still take 1,250 mg's/twice
    daily, as I don't tolerate the fish oils very well. Again though, check with your doctor and a good nutritionist now to get a handle on what's going to be good for you during treatment and what you should avoid until treatment is over. Once you're done with chemo and rads, you can then begin rebuilding your system with few or no restrictions.

    During chemo, you may want to give acidophilus a go. It's great for tummy balance with none of the calories of yogurt and contains millions more good bacteria. (I use Primadophilus) I've not heard of any docs or nutritionists nay-saying it during treatment, but again, check with your docs.

    In general, just maintain a really good diet, exercise and lots of rest, with attention to your psyche, as you near your treatment date and you should be as ready as one can be. Yoga and meditation really helped me keep the anxiety levels down preparing for treatment and throughout treatment and beyond. Once you have that first treatment behind you, you'll likely be much more relaxed for future treatments. Not knowing what to expect and/or how we'll respond to it is a big stress inducer but you can do this and do it well and you've got a good regimen going already, so just check with your docs, make any necessary adjustments and full steam ahead from there!
    It is, after all, a battle and you want to have the best possible elements/tools in your arsenal!

    Re your husband: If you need him not to be with you at any point, just let him know that you want "to do this one alone". I'm sure he'll understand. There were a few times I had to tell my husband this and he was very understanding. He was wonderfully supportive, loving and caring and
    understood so much yet there were times I just wanted to be alone and he was right there in understanding that as well.

    You have a great attitude and I know you're going to do just fine with treatment!

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    Love, light and laughter,