Hair coloring after radiation

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I am writing this for some info for my mother. She just finished radation about 2 weeks ago. She didn't have to have Chemo, but is on Arimadex. She was wondering if anyone had radiation and was on this medication, who has colored their hair, and how long they had to wait. She said her hair seems a litle thinner than it was, but thought it could just be her imagnation. She is afraid her hair may fall out if she does it too soon! Thanks for your help!!!!!


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    Well, I did Chemo (lost my hair) and radiation (my hair started coming back while I was doing radiation) and within one month of finishing radiation, I couldn't stand to wait to color my hair any longer... It came back in really dark (my hair had always been blonde) It didn't seem to have any ill effect. No real difference than before. I always have mine done at a salon... I think they may use better chemicals than the ones you buy in the store.

    I found that it helped the way I felt about myself as much or more than anything that I did for myself to get out of my funk about being sick....

    Take Care.... God Bless... Hope your Mom does really well in recovering from her treatments.
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    i actually colored my hair during the time that i was getting my radiation treatments - i did it at home with the loreal preference and i didn't notice any difference from when i colored my hair before the surgery/treatments. i hope your mom is doing well - God bless you both. :-) kat
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    I had chemo and lost my hair. The chemo was rough on me and I actually had sores on my head so I was afraid to rush the hair coloring. A year after finishing treatment I couldn't stand the gray any longer and went back to coloring. My hair is definitely thinner with the Arimidex but no one seems to notice but me. I also use Preference but started seeing my hair dry out and turn a little brittle. I added hot oil treatments to my hair care and everything is back to normal. Your mom might want to check with a beautician if she's concerned. Good luck to her.