Colon Palooza # 4

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Hello Friends,

First Andy & I would like to take this time to thank Kerry & Merriman, Kay , Suzann & the folks from The CSN Jose, Greta & Dana for making Palooza 3 a wonderful time. I'll have a photo shoot on the board in a few days. At the closing party Miss Kay passed the Colon Torch to me to be lit in Halifax at Palooza 4. . . . Thank you Kay. It was a real pleasure to meet some new friends , jerseysue ( Sue ) , bsrules ( Sue ), btrcup ( Linda ), Woody, suzannchili ( Suzann ), nanuk ( Bud ), jana11 ( Jana & her husband Peter ) as well as Ross & Jen from Australia.

Palooza 4, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. October 12 - 15th Thursday - Sunday

Delta Halifax Hotel (Not Delta Barrington)

1-888-423-3582 Monday To Friday 8:30 to 6 pm

1-800-268-1133 Evenings & Weekends

Local Hotel Number 902-425-6700

So set your sails for Halifax ( Canada's Ocean Playground ). We would like to plan daily events to spend quality time together as well as to see Canada's Beautiful East Coast & to experience some good down east hospitality. Andy & I have booked a 1 bedroom suite to give us an area to meet daily for refreshments, before we head out for the evening festivities. Lot's of good Irish Pubs and wonderful music as well as Casino Nova Scotia .

We would also like to take a day trip to Peggy's Cove with a stop in Lunenburg for lunch. The fall weather should be very pleasant and the changing of the leaves is breathtaking. Once we have a head count I'll be able to negotiate a price with a local company to provide the tour. I've enclosed some links below for you all to check out.

We have negotiated a very good rate with the Delta Halifax Hotel ( NOT DELTA BARRINGTON) that took sometime as I had to sign a contract with the hotel.

Standard rack rate is $214 and we have negotiated $135.00 Canadian per night.

So make the call and guarantee your room under GCOLON ( groupcolon ) that's what were booked under. Even if you upgrade please still book under GCOLON as I am now responsible for this block of rooms. All you have to do is guarantee your room to your credit card no payment necessary at the time of your booking. The hotel has a flexible cancellation policy in case anyone has to cancel for health reasons etc.

For upgrades from a standard:

standard room $135.00

Deluxe room add 40.00

Junior suite add 60.00

1 bedroom suite is $ 270.00 per night

Please remember these prices are in canadian dollars

I spoke with the hotel this morning with a question such as extra nights would they give the group rate. At this point in time the answer was yes the ladies name in sales is Susan. If anyone has a problem I have her direct line that I can provide you with. Please remember we have a block of rooms first come first serve.

October 12 -15th, 2006. Thursday - Sunday

See you in Halifax!

Lisa & Andy

PS , Andy & I will be going to Halifax a day early on Wednesday October11th to start CP-4 ..... I know there are a few others looking at doing the same thing. . . . . Scouty & Stacy

Tourism Nova Scotia

Images Of Peggys Cove

Images Of Lunenburg

Images Of Halifax Harbour

Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum

Mary Tyler Moore ( Kay Norton Edition was made by my son Andrew).

* To View The The Video

**To Download The Video


  • kerry
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    Lisa Rose,

    I'm booked!!!! See you in Halifax!

  • suzannchili
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    I so enjoyed meeting you and Andy! And.... I am working on getting to Halifax! I hope to convince Sunfish to attend too! Thank you for all of the information. You sure did an excellent job!
  • jerseysue
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    I'm at work tommorrow I'll put my dates in for vacation then I'll book my hotel. I'll let you know when I'm done. Tell Andy I say hello and I enjoyed hanging out with you guys.
  • jana11
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    Wow!! Are you ever organized! Keep the parties comin!

    Thanks for setting all this up. I will call for a room this weekend.