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Have anyone ever considered using alternative remedies in addition to traditional treatments?

If so what were your results?


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    Dear Luv4Life:

    Some alternative remedies can be helpful in cancer treatment but, you MUST ask your Dr. and/or Oncologist if the treatment will interfere with whatever traditional course of treatment you are receiving.

    Best regards, Madelyn
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    Hi, My sister just passed , she had colon cancer and used alternative treatments. Her oncologist told her that they could save her with standard treatment but she decided on alternative treatment and has now paid the price from it. I would ask your oncologist before doing anything like alternative meds or at least ask the American Cancer Association and see what they might have to offer in advise. God Bless Mike
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    Hello, check this link:

    I found this link to be very interesting, one of many many good things to read...I too am looking and reading the net, books and anything else, keeping an open lodgical mind... Both my Dad and Sister have lung cancer,Currently my Sister is on Chemo and My Dad's Doctor has said nothing can be done, no surgury no chemo... We are pushing a bit to get him Chemo, will know soon. In the meantime... trying to learn I feel now that along with traditional treatments there is a very large amount of natural ways to possiably assist and control this war... with several books we have read so far, Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillan is a must. Once we know and understand our enemy we know how to fight, knowledge is power... Its not easy but it adds to the hope, I do not know about other alternative treatments other than Natural ways at this time, I think it takes a combination of a few things to ensure victory though... Bless you all out there in amazing ways...
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    Hi: My dad has stage IIIB nsclc with a malignant pleural effusion. Some wonderful gentlemen on these boards gave me some very helpful tips on supplements. Since my dad is a very difficult patient he has only agreed to apply a few of the ideas. Of course, we used these supplements only after speaking with his oncologist and heart specialist and I would suggest you do the same. One thing I have read over and over again, is the importance of fruit which helps you to produce ellagic acid - red raspberries, blueberries, black raspberries, strawberries and red grapes. The ellagic acid helps your good cells to fight back and it clears your body of the radicals. My dad is taking blueberry, pomegranate, and grape seed extract supplements in place of the fruit. It is too soon for us tell, as he hasn't had a pet scan, but we are hoping that in addition to the chemo these supplements are working. Green tea is also excellent. Please note that any supplements should never be taken the day before, the day of and the day after chemo. My view is that if you can eat the real fruit, you are probably getting what you need in the healthiest form.
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    Hello.from moslow. Luv4life,I am a 50 yr male and was diagnost with stage 2B non-small-cell lung cancer 6/28/05 Thought i had bad cold!!Anyway aug 31 05 they removed upper rt lobe but were unable to take out small ring to close to broncius ? and 2 nodes.The chemo drugs i started on were Cisplatin and Vinorelbine i was ok for 3 days after,but that night started 6 months of pure hell!Dr.s tried compozine,reglan,emend,haldol,ativan,ambien,phenagen,Zofran,Aloxi,decadron and im sure ive missed some.Was in such bad shape didn't think i could take anymore they switched to carboplatin and paclitaxel then cisplatin and navelbine.It made no differance i was so sick i didn't know what to take. So many at 1 time.Along with the drugs mentioned i was also taking vicodin percocet methadose tried phentynol patchs and Marinol (synthetic Marijuana) for nausea/vomiting/appatite made me hungry but kinda messed with stomach with even stight nausea. also $1366.00 for 30 day supply Zofran is $3688.00 30 day supply and worked some But the price made me sick! LOL. 1/2 way Through i talked to my chemo Doc about Medical Marijuana. Legal in WA.state except federal law.Went to Seattle Signed up at only 1 Months supply $280.00 + 6hr rnd trip And $60.00 With ferry ride. Within the hr.of returning home i smoked some thru a water pipe that cooled the smoke and filtered it some. All my nasty sideffects reduced considerable,some gone. weight gain slow but steady The uncontrolable emotions,crying for no reason etc. went almost completly away.I had used marij.for pain relief caused by sever dupyentrens disiase. Was worthless while taking enough pain pills to get relief.After working all day carpentering my hands were swollon and cramping much pain. I smoked about $5.00 worth of Marij. and within minutes i could feel the pressure in my hands disappearing and most of the pain too! Obviously i could use this no more while going thru sugery/healing But when nothing else worked during chemo M.M.did. Sorry getting so long. Radiation exactly the same i was not even suppose to be sick but by 3rd day i was back in you no where.Insurance won't cover M.M. yet so i could not afford very often.Today was my 25th radiation treatment!! 3 more and i'm a SURVIVER!The week i was waiting for zofran,the last to nausea pill to try a friend brought me some M.M and i havn't thrown up since and my downward weight loss stopped and is now going back up. The technology to make Marij.into smokeless options such as supositorys,Vaporizers,teas and cooking.This ELIMANATES THE SMOKE wich can be harmful in any form.All I know it was and is What Made MY PERSONAL H+++++ a Whole lot Tolorable. The other 1000's of testimonies and Drs,Research centers,Sientists and more Can't all be wrong or lying! If you want to learn more go to or or you'll be ammazed of all the people and articals. Be more than happy to ansewer any questions Try not to make it so long next time. Thanks for listening......MOBETA NOW......