CP 3 update

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this was a lolapalooza!..it came and went, and most of the semi-colons and careivers are winging their way home. Everything was wrapped up at Kay Norton's-(Mary Tyler norton) I'm still trying to digest it all..this is a one-of-a-kind event. A lot of laughs and a few tears, and a warm feeling that won't go away soon; a healing experience that
couldn't have happened without the hard work of Kerry, Kay and the CSN staff. You all are special.
My love and thanks, Bud


  • kerry
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    Thanks Bud!! I just want to add some emphasis to how wonderful it was to spend time together in person. By attending these Paloozas, everyone makes it more meaningful. Thank you also to all who called, tried to call and be connected. Thanks for all the "happy" gifts that arrived.

    We are geared for Halifax now. On to CP-4!!! Let's get our reservations made NOW.

    See ya'll in October.

    Love and hugs,

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    Words cannot describe the connection we all had in Austin! Cancer is a horrible disease, but the one good that came out of it all is meeting people like you. You are all a part of me now!

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    Bud, I put a long message under the news about Nettie, but in thanking people, as always, I forgot a few and you were one of the ones! I apologize because you were one of the first to email me when I found out about this disease..and Kay did as well. Anyway, I am sure there are more I am still forgetting, but the fact remains, you guys are ALL the best
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    Thanks, Bud. We were so happy to finally meet you and Sue, Jersey Sue, Linda, and Suzann. Semicolons and friends ROCK!!!!