I Win the prize....osteoporitis, too!

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Well, I'm bummed. My dexa scan came back....osteoproitis in BOTH hip and spine...at least I'm consistent! I am lactose intolerant, so I've been slacking on my milk.
But now I face...arimidex or femora...the aromatase inhibitors...that cause bone loss.
Alright, all you "nutritional buffs" what can I do (I know the doc will script Fosomax or Bonida) in supplements/special foods, etc?
Hugs, kathi


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    i am lactose intolerant also. you can get lactaid milk and cottage cheese. i also eat alot of broccoli, cheese & i am able to have a container of yogurt without problems. i get the carb & sugar control kind - it doesn't bother me, but the other kinds of yogurt do. i also take a calcium supplement, but only monday - friday. on weekends, i just take a multi. if i remember!
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    ...or is it osteoporosis....sigh...
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    Oh Kathi, I am sorry. I really don't have any advice. I take Tamoxifen which is not as bad on the bones. I did read an article on this by Dr Weil which seemed quite sensible. Let me see if I can find it.

    Got it.


    I take Vitamin Cottage Better Bones with Calcium (2 caps a day) and Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D once a day. Oh, and somewhere I read that your body cannot absorb more than 500mg of calcium at a time. So I spread it out. I also drink calcium enriched oj and soy milk.

    But there's more: My pharmacist told me not to take calcium 3 hours before or after Tamoxifen because it interferes with the absorption of that.

    You win the last brownie.


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    Hi Kathi!
    Sorry to hear about your double whammy! (((hug))) I think I might be able to help. Click the link to my leukemia and lymphoma website:
    Then click the link to *Nutrition* (located on the top menu) There you should see a list of nutrition sites. I hope this helps. Take care. God bless.
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    Hi KathiM - I've done dexa scans and MRIs and I have spinal osteoporosis and osteoporenea and arthritis and I've shrunk an inch. I take Fosamax weekly and Viactive Calcium 1000 mg (two chews) daily one in morning and one at night. I'm scheduled to meet with the spinal orthopedist the first of June and he will tell me what the plan is. I also take Arimidex and don't plan on stopping. I can fully understand how you feel. I'm just 57. When I get bummed out about having problems that should be at least ten years down the road my husband reminds me that it's much better than the alternative. I can handle many little bumps in the road to keep from falling off a cliff. Hang in there. You might consider asking your onconologist to refer you for a nutrition appointment. I did and found extra information to help me try to stay healthier. So far it is helping! I feel great and have quite a bit of enery. She (the nutritionist) basically put me on a diabetic diet with healthy snacks and time controlled eating. Snack or food every three hours. It helps keep blood sugars even and increases energy. She helped me based on my habits and preferences. Worth a look into. HUGS to you.
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    I wonder If I will win that prize too? I am on Arimidex and only 49. I see my onc on the 10th..guess I will see then...seems my hips and back 'hurt' alot lately..dang ole beast....
    I already take 1200mg of calcium.
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    I wonder If I will win that prize too? I am on Arimidex and only 49. I see my onc on the 10th..guess I will see then...seems my hips and back 'hurt' alot lately..dang ole beast....
    I already take 1200mg of calcium.

    I am also on the Arimidex
    my bone density showed osteopenia. So on fosomax now too. I have osteoarthitis they say. this went up a couple of notches after cancer treatments of aches and pains.
    I am 52.
    Yes, what a nasty beast.
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    My oconlogist has me on 2 Calcium pills a day, said she may put me Fosamax if my next Dexascan looks worse. Do you go to the gym and work out with weights, if not try to do that, it really does help with bone loss. So I have become a religious person at the gym.

    Take Care...
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    Thanks, my friends, for all the info! I also talked to a onc who said...I am SURGICALLY menopausal...but not necessarily past it all hormonally...need to have estrogen level checked..I am researching all sources of calcium, etc.
    and I started working out TODAY...felt very good!
    Hugs, Kathi