liver resection and pump?

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I have to thank all those who send good thoughts and prayers for my father's liver resection surgery a couple days ago. It took 7 hours, they took out 3 tumors and use RFA for the other two. They also installed a hepatic pump. It was a bit crazy with 15 hour difference, me in Portland, OR, and he iin Hong Kong. I was calling every couple hours with cell and trying to stay awake during his operation time. What a joy it was to hear his voice after the operation.

For those who has a pump, can you still take supplements? I have Maitake MD fraction, garlic etc to send him.

This group has given me so much hope especially to see other stage 4 people doing well. My hope increases after every NED I see here. It helps my dad's spirit too as I told him about you all and that he is not alone.
God bless you all.



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    Hello Carm,
    I am glad the surgery went well. I wish your father a speedy recovery. Please let us know how he is doing.

    Best Wishes, Eleonora
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    Hi Carm,

    Glad dad's surgery went well. I take supplements but he might want to ask his onc. I told my first one that the mitake is just like eating mushrooms, why would I stop that??? But just make sure dad tells them he wants to take them. They should know. My current onc thinks they are fine. Good luck and keep us posted. HUGS!

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    I am happy to hear that the surgery went well for your dad, I am sending good thoughts..Please keep us posted...Audrey