Mom Passed away and now I have to go home

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At the end of Jan. I received the news my mom had cancer. It was terminal. My Aunt and Uncle helped me get out to Kentucky from Montana to see her. When I got here I had only expected to be here two weeks. We found out though that the place she was living in was in no condition for her to go home to so we had to rent a place to care for her. We brought her home from the hospital and took care of her until her last breath on April 12th. My aunt and uncle are her beneficiaries so they have all that to take care of so I need to be heading back home. I have to be out of this rental by Monday or Tuesday. I am going to have to find a way to do some kind of fundraising or something to financially get back home. Does anyone know how to do any kind of fundraising for this kind of benefit? If you have any ideas or would like to help in any way feel free to email me at Thank you and God Bless


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    I am sorry that you lost you Mom. In reading your post, it appears that your relatives live in Kentucky, where you are. It seems that the prudent thing to do would be to ask your relatives to let you stay with them for awhile, and you can get a job to finance your travel to Montana.