stage IV remission/lets all reply

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Hi ! I'm guessing that it REALLY helps all of us everytime we see a stage IV friend been on will be nice to remind them who we are and how long have we been cancer free...
I was DX in Jan 05 with stage IV mets to my ovaries...chemo till august...been in remission since then. (Breast cancer in Dec. ...caught on time ...radiation only ..weeeee )
God Bless you all


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    Ileana -

    CONGRATS!! That's awesome - and what a great example for everyone to see!


    - SB
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    Hi there.

    Congrats to you!!

    I wasn't stage 4, but stage 3. Coming up on 2 years NED in June !!

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    Congrats to you Ileana.

    I was Dx with Stage IV with mets to liver in Feb. '04. Had chemo till Oct. '04 then RFA. Been NED since.

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    Congrats and great idea.

    I was diagnosed Stage IV in May 2005 (liver met) - colon surgery in early June - chemo from July thru early December with Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin. NED since late August - just confirmed again last week by PET, CT and MRI! Getting ready to celebrate my one year anniversary!

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    Aw, pooh! Does Stage II colon followed by Stage II breast count???? (2 + 2 = 4)???? Can I join in too?
    HUGS, Kathi
    P.S......YOU GUYS and GALS get the BIG HUGS!!!!
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    Hi Ileana,

    Great idea, when I was dx'ed stage IV, I was desperate to hear about others with mets who were doing ok.

    I was dx'ed in Feb 2005 with rectal cancer with 2 liver mets, one 3 cm in size! I did raditaion and chemo, rectal resection, more chemo, and then finally liver surgery in January 2006.

    It turns out that what they took out of my liver was not colon cancer though, even though it "lit" up nice and bright on the PET Scan. (Benign hemangiomas and adenomas aren't supposed to show up on PET scans!)

    So even though I was never really Stage IV. I went over 9 months thinking that I was. I just thought it might be helpful to chime in here. There is always a small chance that one's diagnosis of Stage IV could be wrong or the extent of it changed!!

    Never give up!
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    I was diagnosed last May 11 with stage four colon cancer, two tumors in my colon, seven liver mets and one possible left lung met. I had my entire colon removed May 23, and started chemotherapy in June (5FU + Avastin and Oxaliplatin). In September a PET scan showed no evidence of disease. My most recent CT/PET scan was March 30, a month ago, and again there was no evidence of disease. I used 5FU/Avastin/Oxaliplatin until last November, took a short break, and then used Avastin/Erbitux until a couple of weeks ago. I'm on another break until June. That's the story.

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    Way to go!!!!! I love to hear these stories!!!! Terri
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    What a great idea, Ileana! I was diagnosed Stage III rectal in Dec 2002. Treated with radiation, surgery, chemo. I was disease-free for 2 yrs. But then recurrence in lung -- placing me in Stage IV (altho my doc kindly refers to me as Stage 3.5!). Treated with surgery and chemo. I've been disease-free for almost one year now. Yea!!!
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    Thank you to all of you who posted your positive stories. Reading your posts have given me so much hope for my dad. I am so happy we all found this site!!!

    God Bless,

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    What a great idea... I was diagnosed StageIV in July 2003, I had surgery, radiation, and 5FU, oxilliplatin, and leucovorin (sp).. have been cancer free since April 2004.... having a routine Pet CT scan on Monday... so please keep me in your prayers... its so uplifting to see all these great results... and positive attitudes... God Bless all of us on this board.