WOW, what a ride!

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Had sen. node biopsy on Monday, it was cancer free. The relief was so obvious in my whole being,it was like something was literally lifted off of me. Not the sure what the hell took over all my sences, it must have something to do with one day your life being somewhat normal and the next your waiting on other people to tell you what your future has in store for you. I keep reading that the worst part of this whole trip was the not knowing, lordy were they right. A persons mind can be a terrible burdon when left on it's own for too long. Decided last night after celebrating for 2 days that maybe we better not get too overly confident. Still have to see on oncologist to figure out treatment for the cancer removed from th ebreast and to deal with some of the high numbers of the tumor. But it sure was a great moment. Thanks everyone for your support.


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    So very happy for you.


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    that is such good news!! yippee!! :-) kat
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    Yup, E-Ticket!!! Congrats!

    hugs, Kathi
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    I too am very happy to hear that cancer caught early and before spreading, kind of restores my faith a little. Waiting and wondering always leaves us humans thinking the worst and that is as normal as it got for me. You celebrate and the best you thing you can do for yourself now is to realize that cancer comes along for a reason and it is usually to whack us upside the head to realize that our lives truly are not working though we seem to be in some sort of denial. We complicate our lives and often are about #3 or 4 on the list of our importance, usually taking care of everyone else.
    Be good to yourself and treat yourself as you would your own best friend.