Calcifications in arteries, anyone else?

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New here. Had my routine mammogram last Tuesday and had to have a redo. Shows abnormal cluster of tiny micro calcifications not on previous mammogram. The fact that these are in the vein and not ducts or cyst is that a major concern? My biopsy is scehdualed for Friday and I am a wreck! Plus I have had a bout with a bladder type infection, pelvic discomfort. Alone and confused...


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    Aw, my dear, don't worry till there is something to worry about...and....that will be NEVER! Even if it's a shade of the is VERY EARLY...congrats for the mammo's...and your persist attitude!
    Please keep us posted, and it seems that waiting is most of the time the HARDEST PART.
    Sending good vibes!
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    waiting IS the hardest part! i had my mammogram in sept and had to get biopsies done because of abnormalities they saw. that was after they redid the mammo several times and then took me to sonogram. i had to wait over a week for the results - i don't know how i got thru that time. i didn't know about this site at the time. it was like torture - i could barely breath and i cried almost every day. i finally got good news from the surgeon that my cancer had NOT returned!! just hang in there - and be so glad that there is this site to come to for encouragement and to know that you are NOT alone. i am new to this site as well, and it has helped me tremendously. we're all routing for you!! :-)kat
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    You are lucky to have a MD to check the calcifications. I am a 53yr, 3 primary cancers survived so far, and have had calcifications on my mammo's for 30yrs. They never checked them and only remarked about them on the reports. I don't really think they had bearing on my breast cancer as I was on HTR for 13yrs. and I had the genetics test which was negative. But one might have cause to wonder why I never had any tests on them.
    The best of luck to you. Biopsies are not pleasant but the waiting is worse! I'm sure you are in capable hands!