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I started chemo in January and finished chemo mid March. I have not had a period since the very beginning of February. So almost three months; however I have a constant brown vaginal discharge. Some days heavier than others. Has anyone had this?? I guess I should also include that before chemo I was having very frequent and long periods. I am 48 so I think it is still early for menopause. My Mom did not go though menopause until she was 55.


  • LesleyH
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    Hi Astrid. I would bet that you are in menopause. Chemo does that to you in your forties. I would definitely have the discharge checked though. Do you have an OB/GYN? Ugly discharge during chemo is apparently not unusual (according to my onc), but it should have cleared up by now.


  • KathiM
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    Welcome to menopause! I agree with lesley that you should be checked, but it sounds soooo familiar...
    (50 years young now)
  • mc2001
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    Hi Astrid,
    Well, I dont have much knowledge about periods (except the grammatical type!) or menopause. However, I had some oral problems from chemo and radiation. Turned out to be oral yeast infection. I would recommend having a doctor examine you to see if it is a vaginal yeast thing. Either way, I think having a doctor check you out is best. Take care.
    -Michael (leukemia survivor)