Irinotecan(CPT11)/Erbitux Chemo

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My mother is a Stage IV with meds in her liver and lungs and just recently got her chemo switced from CPT11/5FU/Avastin combo to CPT11/Erbitux. Has anyone had this combo and how effective was it for you? how were or any side effects from this combo?.......Thank you to anyone to takes their time to respond to my question. May God bless every step you take and always stand still while the storm passes....



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    Hi Luis,

    I don't have any experience with this particular chemo combination, but I'm sure there are others here who will answer your questions. I did want to let you know that I'm sorry for her diagnosis and tell you that she is fortunate to have you as her advocate.


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    Hello Luis, my husband has stage 4 cc with mets to liver. He is beginning second round of erbitux. No irinotecan..he experienced rash on chest, back, face at 4th week of treatment..cleared quickly during break..using Head & Shoulders to bathe..has had ab pain after eating or drinking..F/U CT scan indicates tumor growth, but CEA bloodwork indicates erbitux is working on cells, go figure?? I am seeking others on erbitux..will look for your responses, God Bless, without Him we can do nothing..tia ..
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    Hi Luis,

    My father is also stage IV with lots of liver mets and has been on
    CPT11/5FU/Avastin since last August when he was diagnosed. After about 6 months there is finally some tumors shrinking.
    I'm just curious why they switched your mother off this chemo. Was she on that one for a long time?
    I hope the new chemo works well for her. I have heard good things about Erbitux. Keep us posted.
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    My husband is also Stage IV...he was diagnosed 10/04 and had 6 weeks of CPT11/5FU/avastin and then colon and liver resection and liver ablation in 12/04, Then he finished with the same chemo 6 more months. He had a reoccurence in 10/05 in abdomen and chest and they started him on CPT11/erbitux......He has been on it since.

    His most serious side effect has been the rash -he has been so severe they have had to stop the erbitux a few times for it to heal, BUT after many trys at different meds and topicals he is finally controlling the rash---keflex has made the biggest improvement for him...he is also on soriatane and UV light treatments but we believe the keflex has been the answer. He is working with a dermatologist that is doing a study of the erbitux rash.

    The biggest side effect to the CPT11 is diarrhea, but since my husband is on so many pain meds which cause constipation he is pretty well balanced with that symptom.

    Next quetion--is it working? He has been stable since October and Fridays scan said a "stable and possible marginal decrease" That was a positive note for us.

    I will gladly answer any more questions--we have a lot of history to share with my husbands experiences. Please email me on this site if I can help you in any way---sometimes I cannot keep up will all the posts and I would not want to miss your question if I could help. Good luck to you.