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well today i finally had my colonoscopy which my first surgeon did not request since he could see the tumor. thankfully there are no other growths. i am sleeping sounder tonight!! 2 week on chemo only a slight bit nauseated and so far no hair loss.radiation is suppose to burn me pretty bad because the tumor is so far down so any ideas on how to deal with that will be appreciated. thanks again for all your support.


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    Hi Cherri,
    So glad to hear that your colonoscopy went fine and that you had no other growths - yea! Congratulations.
    I had radiation for a tumour that was very low. I did get some pretty painful burns. One thing that was recommended to me was "sitz baths'. I did them frequently, and that was useful. Lukewarm. I put some purple liquid into it -- what was that? It dyed my butt brown....Charming. I also got some cream/lotion to rub onto my skin when the burn was bad. But, I was told I had to only use creams provided by or suggested by my medical team, as some creams can interfere with the radiation. So, you may want to be alert to that. For me, eventually sitting became uncomfortable -- I had very soft cushions to sit on.....Best of luck with the radiation -- it does end!
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    Hi Cherri,
    I had 30 radiation treatments before my lower resection to help shrink the rectal tumor..It worked so well that it did not show on cat scan..I did start to burn on my butt and told my nurse asap and she gave me a salve to use which I applied a very small amount during the day and then washed off good before next radiation treatment. I go for a check up tomorrow and I wil ask Carol the name of the salve because it worked quickly for me. I do know it was expensive so she put some in a syringe for me to take home..Bless her, what a relief..I will let you know the name tomorrow afternoon..I am so happy that you have no new growths..Hugs to you..Audrey
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    Of all things, believe it or not, cornstarch.
    Do not use desitin, for sure this interferes. I used something (help, somebody, chemo brain lives!) from the makers of Eucerin. Starts with an A. I'll look for it...couldn't use the perscription into my "other" opening and burned like heck!
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    Congratulations with the good results.Lots of tub baths helped my sore bottom. Also lots of sleep. I worked full time during treatments, but was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired.

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    Hi Cherri,

    Congrats on the results!!! I don't know about the rads but like everyone said the tiredness is normal. I've had 3 treatments and have to go to bed early. I'm also working. Just listen to your body. If you are tired, sleep. Hungry, eat anything that sounds good. You have to keep up your strength. Good Vibes your way!

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    I tried a lot of things (not all at once of course)

    99% Aloe Vera - clear not with green dye...and no alcohol

    Baby wipes - again more natural is better... I bought seventh generation brand.

    Prescription Lidocaine gel


    Best Wishes,
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    Hi Cherri,

    I didn't have radiation so I'll have to let the others help you with that. I just wanted to let you know that I'm happy that your colonoscopoy went well and you don't have to worry about additional growths. Hopefully, your radiation burns will be able to be kept under control with very little pain. Keep us posted on your progress.


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    I'm glad your results are good. Sleep well and have good dreams!

    For burns, you might try some of the homeopathic remedies. We've had very good luck with Calendula and Arnica (for other types of burns). They work well for us.

    Here's a site specific to types of burns if you're interested.