no news of Wanda(Shandle)

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Hi all..............I thought you might like to know that I tried to call Wanda this morning(about 4.00pm Pheonix Ariz. time)
Wanda and Harold were not home so I left a message saying she was in our thoughts. The last time I spoke to her she had very bad pain in her leg and was unable to get around. At that time she was very upset that they may not be able to make the palooza. As we have not had any replies to emails or heard from her on CSN I fear that she is not well.I know the last time we spoke she was to have radiation so it is possible she is away. Also it was difficult for her to even move(she was on morphine) and she explained to me it was too painfull to even sit at her computor.
I know we all pray that you are ok and are only awol from home at the moment.

Jen and I fly out in under 24 hours so I hope that you can respond asap are in our thoughts.

huggs....Ross and Jen