Cancer Treatment Centers

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Hi everyone! Anyone out there have any experience with Cancer Treatment Centers of America? Thinking of moving my treatment there and wanted some feedback from people who have gone there. Best wishes to all of us, Don.


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    Hi Don-- no, no experience with them, but I'll admit that their ad intrigues me. "Not happy with your current cancer treatment? Then call us".

    I'm not happy with my Mom's current oncologist, but hey, it's not my life and it's not my doctor. . . but I sure do wish Mom would investigate some other options . . .

    If you do call them, please come back and let me know how it went and what they were able to do for you. Best of luck to you.

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    My sister-in-law works with a man who quit CTCA because he was concerned with some of their practices: telling people they are cured with they're not, dangerously high doses of radiation, harrassing telephone tactics if you don't keep appointments with them.
    We actually waited 6 weeks to get my dad in, then changed our minds after talking to her; they've called my mom several times, but she was ready for them. We are getting treatment for him at another facility.
    It may be different at another of their locations; best bet would be to talk to someone who has actually been there, or caregiver of same.
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    Hi Don, My name is Jo Ann age 47 I was diog Stage 3A Bac in left lung and Hilar region. This was June of 04, I found out about the cancer here at home in New York. I immediantly called the 1=800 # for CTCA I spoke to a oncology specialist then they took my Insurance info and within an hour I had a call back, they booked my flight and within 5 days I was at the Tulsa OK. center meeting a team of Docs. They have several centers but Tulsa is where the Lung center is. Dr Nader the pulmonoligist is wonderful, very intelligent man. I stayed there for nine weeks, I had radiation and Chemo, then I came home and finished another round of Chemo. The Docs were very accomidating about helping me be able to do the rest at home. I was never told I was or would be cured, My Onc said there was a good chance but that it was a waiting game. Up until Jan I had to go back every three months for CT scans now Pulmonoligist just wants xray every 3 andd CT every 6 mos. While there I had a Radiologist, Oncoligist,Pulminoligist, Nutritionist and a Nathropathic Dr. There is also access to clergy, Pain Drs. Physical theropist, Occupational theropist. There is just so much at hand there, Meals in their dinning rm are only 1.50 Breakfast & 3.00 for lunch and dinners excellent foods. Their guest rooms are 30.00/night. They have deals with local hotels if they are filled up and you still pay 30.00/night. I f you can afford to pay for the rooms they have a program to help you. All flights are paid for as long as your Ins covers most of the bills.

    I can't say enough good about the Tulsa center

    Jo Ann