To Dear, Dear Kanga (Ross)

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Ross, I can imagine, or at least think I can for I too as well as old Mr. "No Type" am so very grateful to everyone on this board who really listened to me and shared my joy and pain throughout the last three years. Better than anybody else could. And yes, even helped play a role in my Bert still being here today because, you see, they taught me to fight and fight for both of us if I had to. And I am sincere too in that I think you and Jen are among the kindest, giving people that I have ever "met" and just wish I could have met you personally. God willing, some day I (we...both Bert and I) will.

Be well and have a great time.

Monika :o)


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    aW....SNIFFLE, WHAAAA, are not so bad yourself gal!You know that you could always come see us in home is your home.
    It ain't much further than!
    luv rossjen