just diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer

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my nephew had surgery in dec of 2005 where they removed half of his small intestine. his surgeon said they got all the cancer ,but he was started on chemotherapy also. his blood levels drop so he is only able to get the chemo every 3 weeks , he went last week for a ct scanand the doctor told him that the cancer was still in there that they did not get it all and that surgery was not an option..the doctor said prognosis is poor 1 to 3 years...could you give me any help as what we can do..he is gettig married in june and we want him to be around for a long long time...thanks for your help i really appreciate it


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    Hi Mistyeyes:

    I am so sorry to hear about your nephew's experience. You've done the right thing by coming here - this site is full of fighters who, in spite of stats, are living and thriving! Doctor's prognosis means nothing - your nephew is an individual, not a statistical data point.

    Healing begins with belief - you've gotta believe to heal. Next you need some doctors that'll try as hard as you will - if the current doctors are getting you down, get some other doctors. Getting a second opinion is ALWAYS a good idea. Next you gotta believe that you are what you eat and drink - get a copy of Patrick Quillin's book titled "Fighting Cancer with Nutrition".

    And the best of all, I strong recommend Dr. Andrew Weil's book "Spontaneous Healing". Our bodies want to heal, our bodies do heal - but first we must believe.

    Best of luck to your nephew on his fight. He's in good company with some of the most incredible people who are on this site. We're there with him.

    Tell his doctor that giving up is not an option either!

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    Hello, my dear,
    What an AWSOME aunt he has...we all need someone to keep us fighting!!!
    I agree with JADot...I really don't believe too much in stats. Mine went from 37% survival to 95% survival after treatment. I really think you need to get a second opinion, at least one... (I got 3 for my breast ca that followed the colon).
    WOW! A June wedding! How exciting!!!
    I LOVE the attitude you all have...that's half the battle, I'm sending my vibes, too!
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    Greetings. I'm sorry to hear your nephew's news. I agree with the others who have posted that it may be valuable to get a second opinion. There have been many new developments in chemotherapy for colon cancer over the past few years and it may be that there is a new combination that someone can suggest. Also, a different doctor/team may have a different opinion on surgery (depending on where his cancer is currently located). Is there any chance your nephew could get to a major cancer center? (Or maybe he has already done that...). Best wishes to him and to you.
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    My husband was diagnosed two months ago with colon cancer, and it had spread to the liver. His odds are poor, but he has a great attitude. He is on an experimental drug called ABX. So far so good. Do not give up. Attitude is half the battle. Right now he has sores and a rash all over. It's tough, but you take one day at a time, and treasure the good days. Good luck. My prayers are with you.
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    Hi Misty,
    Step one get a second opinion or as many as it takes till you find a doc who wants to help. Stage 3 indicates that it hasn't yet spread to distant sites. Tell your family that speed is essential. Iwas stage 3 with 6 bad lymph nodes ,they gave me that 3 yrs max garbage. I'm 8 yrs plus now and considered cured,so tell your nephew to hang tough and fight like hell,Ron.
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    Hi! I was stage 3c-diagnosed September of 04. I'm through with chemo, disease free, and played tennis for 3 1/2 hours yesterday. He can survive this!
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    I was stage 4, nearly 5 years ago, and have been cancer-free ever since! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!! Tell him to tell his docs to pound sand...expiration dates are for dairy products, not people...

    keep fighting,

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    I agree with everyone!!! Second opinion at a major cancer center would be good. (Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, Dana Farber, etc.).

    I was stage 3, now stage 4. I continue to LIVE every moment. As Kerry told me, I just need to live long enough until they find a cure. Hey, 3 years may be just enough.

    Also, even if the prognosis says only 1% cure rate with current treatments... he could be the 1!!

    Congratulations on the June wedding!! Make sure to tell him to never stop living!! I feel all the pain, but you can't let the cancer control your life. FYI - I was diagnosed at 32 years old, I am now 35.

    Best of luck to you and your family... come back whenever you need. :)

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    Hi Misty,

    I want to say I agree with all the rest. I don't want to know my stats because I plan to beat them. I'm stage 3 with one node out of 11 found cancerous. I just started chemo and plan to beat this thing. Did they tell you what they mean by "it is still in there"? Is there another tumor? Did they give him options? Do what JADot said and have him buy the books. First start for a positive attitude is to do things that you can control. The worst part of this disease is sometimes you feel so out of control. A June wedding is also something to look forward to. Staying positive is hard but I think is another step to fighting this. Sending good vibes to your nephew and the family. Have him come here and read some of the great stories. The chat is a good thing too.

  • Everyone has said it all ready but I will add that Bert, my husband, was diagnosed three years ago in July, surgery in July, tumor removed, four nodes bad and he's here today and remains cancer free!!!!!

    My mom was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer September 2002 and given about six months to a year. After the "shock" wore off, she "pooped" on the stats and went about living three full years of quality life without a glitch along the way...even had several months of remission.

    I say "POOP" on the stats as well. Get a team of doctors who are willing, ready, and able to help him fight the fight and believe in winning rather than a group who already give up because that's what the statistics say.

    Good luck and all the best.

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    There is not much I can add but to say hang in there and be strong! Im Stage III cancer with 1 lymph node. I just passed my 1 year mark and intend to keep heading in that direction. You are such a wonderful Aunt to be helping your nephew find the answers. I pray that you will be successful and he will be well enough for that wedding!!