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Hi Lisa,

I saw your post and wanted to respond. I was dx with IDC in Oct of 2002. I finished my treatment in May of 2003 and had a CT and PET scan in June of 2003...all clear. In Jan of 2004 I was devastated to learn that I had mets to lungs, pleural effusion, chest nodes and liver..."extensive mets".

I enrolled in a clinical trial of taxol and avastin and had good results for 15 months. I had major progression this winter and I became very symptomatic. SOB, chest pain, uncontrallable coughing and liver pain. We changed my chemo to gemzar and thankfully it has knocked the disease back again. My ct scan last month showed the lungs were clear and my liver tumors were much smaller. I am now symptom free. You have a lot of chemo options Lisa...don't loose hope. Remember we're all fighting this disease together.

I will pray that your chemo works quickly for you and you are symptom free soon.




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    Dear Judie,

    That is such a lovely story of hope and optimism. Thank you.

    To many more years of good health.