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Anyone know what that lady is up to? I am still being treated for the liver mets, if the treatment don't kill me I might still be around for years. I am so tired I can hardly keep going but they say the red and white count are great! Anyone have any suggustions on how to pick up and keep going with this long term chemo? Please help if you do. Linda


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    Sorry no news on the hummingbird. I think you have to keep talking about your feelings and getting it out. I know all to well what being sick and tired of being sick and tired when in fact you are doing the best you can by putting one foot in front of the other. Taking care of ourselves is the best that we can do and listen carefully to needs of our bodies why they try and cope. Be very kind and gentle can go along way and not allowing the inner pains to take over.
    You keep on KEEPING on Linda and keep coming here to lay some of those feelings. We are here for you...
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    Hi Linda,
    Glad to see your post, I think of you often. What treatment are you on for your liver mets? Thats great that your counts are good.Have you tried that Her2 site yet?
    I have not seen hummingbyrd for a long time and often think of her too. I hope she is doing well.
    Take care linda, and hopefully hummingbyrd will post.