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I would really be interested in knowing what treatment you decided to go with. I really don't want the chemo, if it's not necessary, but I'm like you I would like to do something.


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    I am very interested too. My mother was diagnosed with stage II and has to do the chemotherapy. If there are other ways, I would rather have her try those. She is nursing home with dimentia. Please let us know. Thank You so much in advance for your help.
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    I am very interested too. My mother was diagnosed with stage II and has to do the chemotherapy. If there are other ways, I would rather have her try those. She is nursing home with dimentia. Please let us know. Thank You so much in advance for your help.

    Me three. Would love to know what other alternatives there are out there for my friend Mark.
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    Hi bee et al,

    Well, the list is long but I built my foundation for keeping cancer away on juicing fresh organic veggie juices and eating macrobiotically. I detoxed my life as much as my diet. During my diet detox I was a vegan and had NO animal products whatsoever. I took many many supplements that my Naturopathic doctor had me take and I went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for 6 months weekly having acupuncture, massage, lymphatic drainage, and counseling.

    I exercised daily and restarted a yoga practice that I had given up. I avoided toxic people and cut down stress in my life.

    I worked very very very hard at everything. I researched like crazy and believed in everything I did. I didn't believe that chemo would help me, only harm me. That would have been counterproductive for me to do something that I didn't believe in FOR ME.

    Juicing is about eating LIVE ENZYMES. Every single organ in our body needs live enzymes in order to function properly and when our diets revolve around too much "dead food" (meat, junk foods, sugary foods, fatty foods) then our bodies have to draw out enzymes from our organs and then they start to disease and fall apart.

    This is true with your pH level also. Disease such as cancer lives in an acid environment but NOT in an alkaline one. Fresh veggie juices help to correct your blood pH alkalizing it. It's a fast easy way to pack a highly nutrient-dense punch. It is easy to digest for a system that is fighting disease.


    The more greens the better. I add green powder to my veggie juices. I add it to my blueberry smoothies. You can get green powders at coops and natural foods stores. I use Barleans Greens but there's Kyo-Green, Green Magma, Perfect Food, among others.

    I use a Champion Juicer but Omega 8000 is supposed to be good. The BEST on the market, so I am told, is the Norwalk. But it's pricey. I really like my Champion.

    So that's the basic protocol that I have done. I did lots of other stuff too like coffee enemas (as part of my detoxing), Essiac Tea, Liver cleanses, Parasite name it I tried it! :-) Well almost all....I never did Noni Juice. But there are some that drink some wonderful antioxidant drink....I forget what it is....

    Like I said, at the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN Stage 2 or lower cc patients do not get chemo. So maybe a second opinion is needed? I was told that surgery is curative for Stage II and lower.

    This was a big decision b/c I am not the norm. I had a lot of pressure to do the chemo. But I knew in my heart there was a different path for me. And basically, the chemo scared me more than the cancer! I saw what it did to my sister, my grandfather, my aunt. Some people thought I was nuts. Some have called me brave. Some have come to the same conclusions as I.

    Chemotherapy.....a cytotoxic drug therapy just doesn't make sense for my situation. It was a crap shoot. I was told there COULD be some renigade cancer cells in my body so " Just In Case" let's dump all these dangerous chemicals (cuz that's what they are) into your system (5-FU) and take you to the brink of death and bring you back with leucovorin ( a vit B "rescue remedy") and completely obliterate your immune system and leave you open to luekemia, secondary cancers among a host of other potentially nasty kidney and/or heart damage.....and see if we can prolong your life by a small percent.

    It just didn't seem worth the trouble.

    I wanted to treat the ROOT problem of cancer---cancer is a SYMPTOM of a deeper problem. I wanted to dig up that root and cure it.

    If someone gets colon cancer the diet seems to be a great place to start changing since colon cancer is 80 % dietary related.

    Do our oncologists even go there with us? Not in my experience. In fact....the chemo clinic where I consulted with a local onc, they served their chemo patients DONUTS! Sugar and fat laden cancer FEEDING foods!!

    Cancer feeds on sugar!! And they were serving it up on a platter. Do you think for a moment I could trust this doctor with my LIFE???

    I don't think so!!

    Now, my Mayo onc I LOVE, but HE told me that JUICING WORKS!!!

    So two key ingredients about juicing to remember:


    So while my "treatments" were not Western Medicine condoned, my path has kept me healthy and cancer free for almost 5 years.

    There are NO guarantees in life. But as scouty says, "I'm making it really hard to allow those cancer buggers to live in my body!!"

    I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any specific questions you may have.

    peace, emily who is never afraid to say NO!