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im a 47 year old male and i found a lump under my left breast i've had a cat scan,mammogram and ultra sound done and i have to go back to see the surgeon tuesday april 18th.if they are sending me to see a surgeon does that mean i have cancer.i'm a little nervous.please help me to understand whats going on.


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    Congrats for being so vigilant!!!! I'm sending good vibes for Tuesday.
    It could be that because you are male,(please don't take this wrong) that you are a little different than us chicks. May be just EVERYONE is being VERY thorough. But even if it is something, breast cancer is 90-95% survivable, with prompt treatment.
    Keep us posted, I'll be pulling for you on Tuesday.
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    they just want to be sure of what they are looking at - i have had lumps and been referred to my surgeon - last year i had a mammogram, sonogram and then still had to see the surgeon who ordered a biopsy. i had the needle puncture biopsy (ask for valium!!) and the results came back with no malignancy. i have in the past also had the tissue removed. i found that if they rush you into surgery, that's when they suspect. at least that's what happened to me in 2004 when i was diagnosed with breast cancer- i was lucky it was a very small tumor and i had that removed and 6 weeks of radiation therapy. hang in there - be glad that they want to test things further!! early detection is the key!! :-) kat
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    The doctor probably wants to have tests taken of the lump(biopsy) to make sure it is NOT cancerous. I too was sent right away to a surgeon,they seem to do all the biospies and have the pathologists(sp)look at the species that they take. My good thoughts are with you and will say prayers that it is nothing....keep a GOOD attitude.God only gives us challenges that we can handle.
    yes, keep us posted. This is a great site!
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    Hi Robert,
    I think the hardest part of "finding something"... is the waiting. Your doctor has Made a decision to find out what it is. Probably concerned about your lymph nodes also.
    I live here in San Diego and we have on our Channel 10 news, a reporter we watch everyday and he had Breast Cancer on both sides. His name is Bill Griffith. He even wrote about his experience through the whole thing on his ordeal from the beginning. I even got responses from him and he helped me get through my surguries, chemo and radiation.
    Writing about your fears and the support you get from others diagnosed, especially on this website, help us FACE our fears and FIGHT. Like I said, the hardest part is waiting for results. The go from there. We are here to help in anyway we can via e-mail. But you can also call the ACS phone # and they will help out in anyway they can. At 10 months recovering and still with bone pain from the chemo, I can't tell you how much support everyone who has "Been there, Done that" will give advice from their own experiences. Try to be patient, I know that's hardest right now. But once they do the biopsy, be positive and think benign. Please keep in touch and let us know what happens. And if you want to read about Bill Griffith's Story, I think you can go to or "". (In San Diego.)But first things first. BE BRAVE, we are all praying and have you in our thoughts. It's OK to be nervous. And Thank-You for coming to this website. BIG HUGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
    Kathy R.