I'm Chatty Today - Moving On

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Hello All - I come and go from this sight and while I love to see everyone helping each other I also hate the fact that we are all here with this disease. I have been reading the posts about fear. I had so much fear right after my first go round with treatment was done. I have had to stay on anit-depressants in order to continue with a normal life. Then I wnt into another phase that I was sure it would come back. So sure that I was ready and had planned in my head what I would do ... have a double mastectomy ...and even knew what size cup I wanted for my reconstruction. Well don't you know ... it did come back but not to my breasts... but to my bones. So now I have all the horrid appointments and treatments and I still have the same old saggy boobs (hee hee). Oh well. One thing I would like to say and what I tell myself all the time is that new treatments and discoveries happen almost daily. I'm feeling okay and so long as the Drs can keep me feeling okay ... well I'm going to keep living!!! I can never be or think the way I did before I was diagnosed (either time) but that is the beauty of life ...it is constantly changing!!! Happy Spring!!! Jamie


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    I raise my glass to you, my dear.
    I was stopped in the store the other day by a woman who noticed my bald head and pink ribbon.

    She was a 10 year survivor of breast cancer. She shared that SHE had to have bone marrow transplant, with all of its isolation and depression and feeling like heck! This was JUST 10 years ago!!!
    I thanked her for being such a pioneer, and shared that between MY treatments, I was able to go to work (even tho the chemo REALLY hit me HARD).

    Hugs and good vibes to you,
    What a TROOPER you are!!!

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    oh, i admire you and everyone on this site so much. i am new here and it is so wonderful to see the support and the sharing here. it really is a blessing to have a place like this to go. i wish all the best for you - and keep that sense of humor. :-)
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    I am glad to hear that you can still still the wonder of life and the beauty that surrounds you and me. I honestly found this What Cancer Can Not Do thing that is featured in the gallery section here. Mine was given to me by my sister and I taped it to my fridge and believe you me I couldn't help but stop and read since the journey to the fridge often took allot out of me. Our minds take us in some of the darkest areas and it is hard to think in different directions sometimes but we truly have to make the effort to stop the blaming and shaming and find better ways of moving on.
    You are sure right about one thing nothing stays the same.
    Thanks for sharing,