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My doc may be switching me Taxotere (don't know if I spelled ir correctly) instead of Taxol. Won't know for sure until I see him. It's my understanding (from his assistant), the because Taxol is primarily natural, people sometimes have allergic reactions to the preservatives in it. But Taxotere is the synthetic version and supposedly works just as well. Any experience with this that you can share would be appreciated.
Thank you!


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    Hi Monika,

    I received my last 2 out of the 6 chemos with Taxotere because the Taxol was causing me problems with neuropathy. I was assured that this cousin to Taxol was just as effective so I wasn't too concened about switching. A word of caution, on the last round I developed hives (once again it was the 2nd time I received the drug that caused the reaction). The other thing that they did during the infusion was to put my fingers in ice water because Taxotere can cause changes in the nail beds. The idea was to slow the blood flow down to this area to reduce the potential side effect. I never had any problems with my nails.

    Hope this helps. God bless, Christa