Liver Enzymes elevated

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Has anybody had elevated liver enzymes after chemo? Specifically, my alkaline phosphatase has been elevated to 162 for the past 6 months. It's been 1 year since I finished chemo and 10 months since I've finished radiation. My oncologist is scheduling me for a bone scan and CT scan of the abdomen. I'm concerned that the cancer is spreading to my bones or liver. Anybody out there who has had a similar experience?


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    Don't have any specific advice. Just wanted to say that I will be thinking of you and hope that it is all fine, fine, fine. Are you on Tamoxifen?


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    My liver enzymes went up too. Doctor said no alcohol, which was a bummer when you go to a wine festival, and the numbers went down. No problems since. Did you ask the oncologist why he/she is doing the scan. My oncologist does them routinely on a yearly basis, she said there are different schools of thought on that and is based on where they did their medical training. Hope info helps.
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    Hi, I had exactly the same thing. 3 weeks after i finished Taxol, my blood test showed 147 Alk Phos. but I was too worn out to do anything about it. My internist wanted to do a liver scan, and I said Id think about it. 15 months later, it's back to normal. my onc says elevated liver enzymes are very common. However, i would go ahead and check it out - it's the only way to peace of mind.