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Hi everyone! i'm new to this site, diagnosed with colon cancer 28 months ago. Surgery and chemo since then. I've been taking the infused 5FU-Leuk and was wondering if anyone can compare the infused treatment with the oral Xeloda. Convenience and the ability to stay on a treatment schedule are my primary motivations with this. Having a rough patch right now and feeling really down. Looking forward to being in this community with you all.....Don


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    Hi Don,

    I think there is a previous post regarding the Xeloda. I am on the folfox treatments right now which are infussion so can't help you there. I just wanted to say I'm glad you found us but sorry it was under these circumstances. It sounds like you might have some things even to help the newbies with. I was just dx Dec. 2006. I'm only on my 3rd treatment (crossing my fingers). I have to wait a week because my wbc was down last week when I was supposed to go. Take care.

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    Hi Don,

    I was on Xeloda for over a year. I liked it much better than the infused 5FU, the convenience was great and I didn't have to plan my weeks around going to the clinic for my chemo. It is not without some side effects, but for me they were mild. If you have any other questions, email me here at this site.

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    Hi Don,
    I was on Xeloda along with radiation before surgery and also xeloda alone for 6 months after surgery. It was very convenient and I was able to work full time through the whole 6 months, however it didn't seem to work well for me. The original tumor did not shrink much and 8 months after coming off chemo the cancer spread to my lung. I am currently on the infused 5FU which seems to be working much better for me. Last scans showed no evidence of cancer.