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Hi dear friends. I have lots of news here.
Firstly.....Jana. Jen and I are so very sad that your surgery was not able to go ahead.We know that right now you are devestated but we want to send you all our luv gal. We know that you have that fighting spirit and we hope that we can show you some loving in 14 days. We REALLY need to be with you to support you in person Jana.We hope that that will still be able to happen
Hang in there gal! LOVE

I was so concerned that we have not heard from our warrior gal that I phoned her this morning. The news is that Wanda is in much pain. Her foot does have cancer and there is also the likelyhood it is in her femur as well.Currently she is immobile and needs a wheelchair to get around. She is doing chemo and also (in much pain) having to go to the clinic "every day" for radiation.The pain is so bad even with morphine that she is unable to move from one room to the next. As her puta is in another room she is now rarely able to use it although she says she would dearly love to.
Wanda says she has her air tickets to Austin but right now she sees no way of making the trip....she feels so bad about that.
I have told her that all here have been concerned about her and that I know you are all praying for her.
She wanted me to tell you all that she LOVES you so very much....she is so thankfull to have you all supporting her....but also that she is sorry not being able to go on CSN or reply to mails often...she just cannot move around to do that.
Our luv and prayers are there for her...she knows that.
I know you all will be sad about this but even tho Wanda has a difficult time ahead she is still a Warrior Gal.......she was still able to be her cheerfull self on the phone. Keep the strength and the courage Zena gal...we love you too!
Ross and Jen