bilateral,2nd because fear of it comming back. And it did.

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I just cant get a break. Thank God it isnt in any of my main organs. I had a double so that i wouldnt have to go through this. Its only been 2 yrs for me and now i have nodes under R arm that all have to come out like my L arm nodes and u all know what that means. Has any one had cancer that did not show up in the breast that was taken off by choice? This is WAR and I will Win!!! I have to go through it all over again. Remember ladies My plate is full i have 3 small children, and Thank God a great husband. I was just wondering if pathology could miss such a big mess. I love my Drs. I know that i am in good hands. But it is just CRAZY!!!


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    Oh Deby. I can't believe it. My thoughts are with you as you fight this.


  • Susan956
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    Sorry to hear of your bad news... But you sound like you have the sprite to win this war...

    God Bless and Good Luck as you win the WAR.
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    Unfortunately, that is the mystery of cancer. All we can do is FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. I made fun of mine alot. It hated it...left in a huff!!!

    Did you have chemo the first time? (stupid question....even THAT doesn't guarantee)
    But, if you didn't the first time, maybe look into it this time...get all those "free wheelers" that may have escaped detection.
    Listen to onc...

    HUGS to your husband for being supportive!!! Obviously, he likes having you around, girl!! Wants to do everything he can to KEEP it that way!

    And special hugs to your 3 children. Maybe tell them that mommy is going to be a little tired for awhile, and can you help her as MUCH as you can???

    I'm sending STRONG Vibes to you, my dear.