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My mom reminded me lastnight that it is my one year anniversary from finishing chemotherapy. I was dx One year, six months and two days ago.

It's amazing to look back over the year and see how much I have progressed and changed.

I have many of you wonderful souls to thank for much of the progress as I was an absolute mess after I finished treatment and didn't know how I was going to go on but just knowing that I had to figure out a way.

I remember I was so scared that I cried myself to sleep every night and just looking at my beautiful baby made me cry. My husband didn't know what to do and didn't understand what I was going through so he couldn't be there for me. I was in such a terrible depression and so tired and only making things worse by what I was eating. Thank God for all of you nutrition freaks (I mean that in the best possible way). Without your extreme views I don't know if I would have made the changes I did that resulted in my feeling better and gaining more energy.

I can also say now that I can run (maybe not fast yet), but actually run a mile+ without dying of exhaustion. Can't tell you when I could do this last and running used to be so important to me before college.

The yucky side is that I was due for my dreaded tests in March and now have to get my bootie in gear and get them scheduled.

Thank you all for being here. You are very great.

Oh yeah, and Kanga I started working on my web page just for you :)

Patricia - I am a survivor!


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    Hi Patricia,

    CONGRATS!!! on the one year anniversary!! I can't wait to say that too. I have just started chemo so this type of post is always good to hear. I also can't thank the "nutrition freaks" enough and think they are GREAT! Go out and celebrate somewhere fun and tell us all about it! Take care.

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    Hi Patricia - we need to celebrate those great anniversaries! Congrats. On May 18 I celebrate the anniversary of "being off chemo as long as I was on it"! That's my first big milestone. Then there is one year from diagnosis, one year from surgery, one year from first NED report and one year from end of chemo - all - I am confident - coming up in 2006. What a roller coaster!

    Enjoy your anniversary and be thankful for your current status. And then - take those tests!

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    Congrats, Patricia!

    No doubt you and thta beautiful baby of yours have many more happy hours to spend!

    I agree that the annual exams suck, BUT, its's better to nip this stuff in the bud early. I would say "enjoy", but we all know that isn't the case!


    - SB
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    Congratulations, Patricia!!! Enjoy your baby and your wellness.


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    I'm dancin as fast as I can, gal!!!!!!
    I, too, had a year sneak up on me...busy working on my breast cancer (interesting distraction, don't ya think???)
    HUGS on the tests....I see my gastro to set up my first post-cancer colonoscopy later this month.