Diet, stomach pain, shock

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Hello, my father has had prostate cancer for 6 years. 1.5 yrs ago found that he has lung adenocarcinoma (not related to the prostate cancer) which metastized to the bones and liver. Since his last chemo regimen (which failed and ended three weeks ago) he has very bad stomach pain and daily vomitting- we think due to either the chemo or his liver- last week's CAT scan revealed cancer progression in the liver by 25-30%. Do you have any advice on what type of food his stomach may handle better? He seems to handle fluids such as gatorade, glucerna, and soy shakes but has trouble with solid food. We've looked into the low acid diet but don't think this has helped much. My dad is very weak and is also a diabetic- today we called an ambulance because he seemed to be in shock or having a stroke but then when the medics arrived he was stable and he didn't want to go to the hospital. We fed him gatorade and that seemed to help so I think he was in diabetic shock but am not sure if this could happen due to his cancer- have you ever experienced this before? He also lost his voice overnight. He will be seeing the doctor tomorrow so I am sure we will have more answers at that time and hopefully they will start him on a new drug- Gemzar. He is very special, humble and sweet and we are very concerned about him. He worked hard his entire life and should be enjoying his retirement now. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks...


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    Hello-- your father sounds like a fighter-- bless his heart! Does he like potatoes? My mom has been undergoing chemotherapy since late January, and when her stomach is upset and her appetite is gone, we can usually entice her with potatoes. Pretty much any form-- baked, mashed, twice-baked (I can buy them frozen at the grocery store), and even hash browns. Mashed potatoes are pretty easily tolerated, so maybe that would work? Applesauce (very cold from the fridge) has also helped my Mom out at these times. . . good luck to you and your Dad.