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I've searched and searched the literature. Can anyone give me a "guesstimated" prognosis (survival time) for an 87-year-old man with Stage IIIB lung cancer, who is receiving no other treatment than palliative care? He is otherwise in pretty poor health (40%-50% on Karnofsky Scale).


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    Oh, Kathy, I don't think you'll find anyone here willing to give you a prognosis, "guesstimated" or otherwise. We're not doctors. It depends upon the severity of symptoms at diagnosis, the speed at which the cancer progresses, the mental attitude of the patient, so on and so on.

    As you probably know, lung cancer prognoses are often terribly grim, and it's very important not to get bogged down in those prognoses, because they're not absolute. Someone who thinks they'll get a year or two might die in 6 months. People who have been told 3-6 months by their doctors are still alive and kicking years later.

    Most of us here cling tightly to the fact that all patients are different, and that regardless of the stage of cancer at diagnosis, nothing's absolute. That's HOPE. We must cling to it.

    Most of us here are either fighting cancer or closely related to those who are-- and ALL of us just have to hope and pray that we or our loved ones will be among the lucky few who are able to beat the odds and end up living life for much longer than anyone expects.

    If the 87 year old man is your father, or your grandfather, my thoughts and prayers are with you and him. I hope that he can remain comfortable and happy and upbeat during whatever time he has left. My Mom was diagnosed with Stage IIIB lung cancer in 12/05, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. . . we take it one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, and I'm grateful for everything we get. . .

    Best to you.
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    I think Reinstones gave you the best answer that you will receive here. A "guesstimate" would be just that. I'll be praying for the best outcome for your patient.
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    I am a 44 year old 3 year IIIB survivor and I have to second what plymouthean said. Reinstones1 gave you the best answer available. Good Luck. Surviving is possible at any age. A positive attitude means everything. Whether you survive 6 months or 6 years!