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I thought some of you might be interested in this e-mail i just recieved:

Malecare November Lecture in New York City Tuesday,
April 11, 2006 at 6PM, 10 Union Square East, between
14th and 15th Street, second floor auditorium.
Free and Open to all. Reservations not needed.

HIFU technology (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
presented by Ivan Grunberger, MD
A new, relatively non-invasive, precise local
treatment in one session, repeatable if necessary,
with a short period of hospitalization and a low
complication rate. Suggested for newly diagnosed
patients who wish an alternative to surgery or
previously treated patients who are experiencing a
Audience questions welcome! Presented by the
nonprofit, Malecare, now in our eighth year of
providing prostate cancer information and support
groups .
For more information, see or email

Note: This lecture is rescheduled from November, 2005,
when Dr. Grunberger had to cancel to save a patients'
life. I believe that patient still lives,
and, I hope you all are still interested in hearing
him speak on this promising treatment for prostate
cancer. Darryl Mitteldorf


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    This therapy,for anyone interested, has also been addressed by "stanga" 02/25/06 01:20PM EST, currently on Page #2 of the discussion board.
    cheers, Ben
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    I know you can find out more about the HIFU procedure at