pregnancy with internal pouch

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I have an Indiana pouch, and am a 37 year old female. My husband and I are discussing pregnancy. I've read some old journal articles that talk about chronic UTIs, possible incontinence during the last part of preganancy, and hydronephrosis. Has anyone been through this? Or can anyone recommend places where I can find information on it? I have not had bladder cancer, but was born with my bladder outside my body. It was removed when I was 1 and a half years old and I had a urostomy until I was 21, at which time I underwent the procedure for an internal pouch. I'm very happy with it! So I'm sorry if I am using the forum inappropriately, but would be grateful for information. I can also give feedback on the relative merits of external versus internal pouches, if that would help anyone.


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    I posted my internal vs external question before I read your post. My father is having a hard time deciding which to do, any insight that you could give us would be fantastic!!! Sorry I'm of no help to you. Thanks.