Stage III - Note of Encouragement

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Hi Everyone~

It's been a good while since I last posted, but I read the board frequently, and I always keep all of you in my prayers.

A little about me, I was caregiver to my 60 year old Dad who was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer (4 out of 15 nodes positive) in January of 2004. He was treated with FOLFOX 6 for six months. Last month, he had his yearly CAT scan, and three month CEA test taken, and I am thrilled to say that yesterday we found out he is still NED. Other than the neuropathy that still bothers him at times in his feet and hands, he is doing extremely well.

When I first learned of his diagnosis, I was devastated. I never thought we would make it this far, and that he would be doing so well. Prayers work. Never give up hope.

Healing Hugs~


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    Hi Michele,

    Thanks so much for sharing your great news about your father. Being a caretaker to your dad had to be one your most difficult challenges. I am so grateful that your Dad is doing so well and his test results show that he is NED. Your story serves gives those now battling this disease hope. Thanks for sharing.


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    Hi Michele:

    Thanks so much for sharing your Dad's great news. This is such an inspiration for me. I was diagnosed with Stage II colon cancer due to a genetic mutation last Dec and am in the middle of Folfox6. Your Dad's experience proves that colon cancer is treatable and beatable! Yeah!

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    Wow! I was stage III, 13 nodes positive in Sept. of 2004. I had Folfox, still have neuropathey, but so far all CTs are clear! Your Dad and I could be the colon cancer twins. Thanks for your post-I always love to hear the good news. It is reassuring
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    Like everyone else, I LOVE to hear good news!!
    And WHAT good news you have.
    I passed this along to my friend whos father-in-law recently was dx stage III....THANK YOU so much for the good word!
    Hugs and CONTINUED good health to you both!
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    Hi Michele,

    This is great news and CONGRATS to dad! I'm newly dx in Dec. 2006 just like JADot so this is an inspiration. I am on folfox also and only had two treatments. Thanks for this great post.

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    Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing. I am also a Stage III and finished my FOLFOX/ in 10/05. I just passed the 1 year mark on my surgery. It is so encouraging to hear from those who are doing so well. Good luck to you and your father. And yes, prayers do work miracles!!!
  • Make that triplets. My husband was diagnosed with stage III July 2003, four out of 17 nodes positive. One year of chemo...first just 5fu/leuc; then we switched from an HMO to a PPO, got a great gastro-oncologist and added another six months of chemo with oxi added into the mix. I too am happy to say that Bert remains NED as his last scans and CEA/Blood check (March 23) and we are indeed so very grateful. Keep on kicking cancer butt!

    Monika :o)
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    Thanks for the post I love hearing the good news!
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    jerseysue said:

    Thanks for the post I love hearing the good news!

    Thanks for posting good to hear your dad is doing fine....and so good because it gives others here hope! I hope that this has taken so much anxiety and pressure from your life. Tell your Dad that Ned is winning the war!
    cheers, Ross and Jen
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    Great news!
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    give your dad a hug. I am another stage 3 survivor, diagnosed in 3/03.