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Sorry guys to be so late in responding. I check my email as often as I can. First in response to some of the posts that were on the first posting, this seminar was sponsored by Piedmont Hospital in conjunction with Pfizer and some other, however all the speakers with the exception of Steve Bartkowski were from Piedmont Hospital here in Atlanta. I did not know about the connection between colon cancer and other cancers until this seminar. In response to the posting about Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer, there is a connection. My sister in law's father died from colon cancer, she has breast cancer. She was told by her oncologist that they definitely do have a connection and have given her a colonscopy already.

I also agree with Kanga in that cancer has been a taboo for too long. It seems that in the past three years, I have known 4 people who have been diagnosed with Kidney cancer. All three were discovered by accident. Three survived and are doing well, one passed away withing 6 months of diagnosis. Dr. White who is at Piedmont said he had removed three kidneys just two weeks ago with this cancer. So, that leaves me to believe that something is happening to seem to increase this cancer. I believe with all my heart that so much of what we all are suffering from is environmentally caused or food related.

We all need to get as much education as we can concerning this disease. I too have been responsible for my entire office getting colonscopies at the age of 50. I am so thankful for that! One of my friends who just turned 50 got hers done and they discovered she in fact has colon cancer. It seems my 6 degrees of separation is getting smaller and smaller.

Thanks to all of you for your posts. I check this site and read all of your experiences and I cant say how thankful I am so all of you for your encouragement over the past two and half years. When I first was diagnosed, I found this site and I have to say, you guys were sent by God to me.
Love to you all


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    mmmmm.......the "light" shines in some wondrous places Franny.