colon cancer comedy show in Toronto

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Hi there,
Not sure how many of you are from Toronto but for the learkers who are there is a 'Colon Cancer Comedy Show' April 8th in Toronto. I realize the illness is not a joke but this is in support of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada.

julie :)


  • JADot
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    Hi Julie:

    This is just so GREAT!!! Why do the Canadians have all the great ideas???

    It is so great that this show will air and it will bring more awareness to colon cancer, which is so preventable! Every time when I hear about a late detection of this in someone it just makes me furious that there's no more public health messages out there. So Bravo to the Canadians!!!

    Do you know if there is a way to we can get our very own comedians SpongeBob and Kangatoo on to the show as guest stars?

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    Julie -

    AWESOME!!! I sure wish I could be there for that event! I hope you and your mom get a chance to go - drop us a note and let us know how great it is!

    By the way... how appropriate is it that the URL is for an ".asp" file, eh, "AssPaysia"?


    - Bob
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    Thanks for the info. I passed on to a friend whose mom lives up there somewhere. They just gave her the "we've done all we can" speech. She needs a good laugh.