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My dad has stage IIIB nsclc. He is constantly feeling sick from the chemo. His energy level is low to non-existent, he gets out of breath easily, and he is depressed from the combination of everything that is keeping him from feeling good. I saw on the Internet a website for supplements that help cure cancer. Some people have used these supplements in lieu of chemo. Has anyone heard about Cellular Zeolite? What about the idea of bringing oxygen to your cells to kill the damaged cells and promote healthy growth. Vitamin CQ10 is supposed to be great for that - has anyone used this and gotten good results? Lastly, they say you should get your PH levels regulated by using something to detoxify your body of acidity and alkalinity. Someone suggested Prime PH drops in the water every day. Who out there has used supplements in conjuction with their chemo to help aid their cure? What is okay to use and what really works? Has anyone heard of any of these items?

I'd really be interested. I'm afraid some things on the Internet are not really tested. I'd love to get my dad feeling better so he can better fight the cancer. I'm open to suggestions.


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    Hi, I have small cell lung cancer, first, don't you do any playing doctor without first consulting your Fathers oncologist or his dietician. Alot of vitamins can actually work against the chemo and feed his cancer. I would talk to the oncologist or a dietician affiliated with the oncologist. I hope this helps, Mike
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    I would like to share something with you. First and foremost, this is neither a prank nor a joke.

    I want to share with you information about a natural product that is helping with Alzheimers, cancer, arthritis, blood pressure, virus, chronic pain and all sorts of other ailments we face everyday. I cannot say that this is a cure or a miracle drug or anything like that, but let me say that I personally know people who have been positively affected by this product. It has literally turned their (our) lives around.

    The product is Natural Cellular Defense, NCD (ziolite). It is a unique mineral that a doctor has researched and now is available to the public. There are so many testimonials of what this product has done for people across the country and overseas.

    I heard of a woman who had full-blown Alzheimers and 7 weeks later was normal. My stepmother has a friend who has the beginning stages of Alzheimers and he is taking the product and just 2 weeks into it, his memory is improving already.

    I know of a woman who had lung cancer and later her doctors could not find cancer. She is my stepmother.

    I have introduced this product to so many people who havent tried the product, and today I am so saddened by it. To my knowledge, at least 2 families I have shared this information with did nothing and now a few months later, one lady died and the other is dying.

    I woke up this morning very emotional about this product. I dont understand how someone could not do whatever he or she could do to help or save his or her loved ones. So this morning I am motivated and convinced that I would tell everyone I know about this product TODAY. I only wish that I had known about this product 10 years ago because my mother would be here today and I would still have both of my breasts and we would both be cancer free.

    Of course the choice is yours BUT know this… Nothing should stand in our way of keeping our family, our friends and ourselves healthy and alive. Understand that I am a Christian and 100% believe in Gods healing powers and the power of prayer. I truly believe this is a Godsend.

    My number is 936-223-6478. What I would like for you to do now is to call 973-854-6909. When you get through, choose option one (1). It is a 7-minute presentation telling you about the product and how it works in the body. When you are done with your call, please call me. I would love to know what you think.
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    None of the products you mention offer any proof of cures or prevention of disease. Look up those products through your search engine. You will find that they all have disclaimers regarding their curative/preventive powers (none). Interestingly, many of the same websites concerned with research of these products have, as their researchers, people with "Dr." in front of their names. One of these Dr.'s is a Chiropractor! Now there's a cancer specialist for you! None seem to have "M.D." after their names. One site has a "B.S." after the name. B.S. = Bachelor of Science. B.S. in what discipline??? My son has a B.S. degree, - in Marine Engineering! That doesn't qualify him to dabble in medicines, etc. Be extremely careful when you read about these "cure-alls". They suggest a lot, - cure nothing! These people are playing on your (our) desperation. Buying products from a company that operates on a cell phone, with no address, is, to me, somewhat suspect also. I agree with michaelcie, - don't go playing doctor by yourself.!
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    I take some of the things you mention. I have 3b lung cancer. I am now in remission. Every thing I took or did I checked with my oncologist. You can go to the Sloan Kettering web site and check on a lot of the things you mention, the address is:

    I think there is good reason to take some of these supplements and you can check them out on that web site. My entire routine is below. Each of us is different. I thought that each thing I did added a little to my success. This was all done with the approval of my oncologist. Maybe something here may help you. My chemo cycle was Carboplatin, Taxol, once a week, 3 weeks on 1 week off along with 100mg of Tarceva once a day. Supplements taken during cycle 1 and cycle 2 of chemo: 2 grams AHCC, 3 times a day between meals, 10mg melatonin, before bed, 100mg CoQ10, breakfast and dinner, 1 tab Centrum Silver breakfast, 500mg Calcium breakfast and dinner, 4 tab Citrucel breakfast and dinner, 2 cap Cardio-Edge breakfast and dinner, 1 cap Policosanol breakfast and dinner. Added after first 2 cycles taken with cycle 3 and 4 and still do, but not within 24 hours of chemo. 500mg Green Tea, 100mg Grape seed extract, 320mg Garlic, 30mg zinc, 100mg B-6, all taken with breakfast. Foods I consumed every day, 3-4 egg whites omelet, 1 cup Blueberries, 1 cup, Raspberries, A quarter cup Dry Steal Cut Oatmeal, 4-6 oz Pomegranate Juice, 1-2 oz Noni Juice, 1 cup Soy Milk, 2Tbl Flax seed milled, 1Tbl Wheat Germ. 1 Whole Tomato, 3-4 Tbl Organic Almond Butter, 1 Whole Grain English Muffin, 1 heaping tsp Cinnamon, 1 cup Yogurt, 12-15 8oz glasses of Mountain Valley Water( High Alkaline), Stevia instead of sugar. Other foods but not every day, Fish, heavy on Salmon, Lots of green veg, Chicken, Whole Wheat breads and pasta, sweet potatoes, Nuts, heavy on the Almonds, Soy meat substitutes. Foods excluded, Sweets- sugar, Alcohol, beef, White bread-potatoes-pasta. This got me through the chemo without losing any weight. I actually gained 10 pounds, so I have cut back on the quantity and increase the exercise to try and loose it. Other things that contributed most to managing my cancer. The knowledge that I have a God that has the power to heal me. Strong family support. Support from my Pastor and church. Support from prayer groups all over Florida. The doctors that God led me to. The ability to look forward to each Chemo treatment, I enjoyed every one of them. Being able to maintain my weight. No adverse side effects from chemo. Exercise Program. Exercise 6 Times a week, Weights 3 times a week upper body 40 mins, Aerobic 3 times a week. Tread Mill 47 min including 40 min 12 degree incline @ 4 MPH and 1 min 1.5 degree incline @ 8MPH I have now started to run again. I go 1 mile about 5 times a week. My best time is 10:13. At 68 I am happy with each improvement. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    I just saw the description of your dads cancer on another posting. His cancer and treatment are almost the same as mine. You can read my story by pasting the address below in your browser. It will take you to my story at Livestrongs web site. If you want any more info on what I did to help with my fight let me know. Ernie (Harold)
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    Thanks for sharing your story, Ernie. Scungileen and I have parents with similar lung cancer cases (with malignant pleural effusion), so your story was inspirational to me as well. I agree with about the power of prayer, and the importance of a positive attitude. . . hope we'll see you on this board more often.