renal cell has gone to my lungs

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I'm 58 and have just started the climb,our son was killed last Aug an his wife a year before that so we have custody of our 10 &14 year old grand children then in nov i was told i had renal cell carcinoma in my right kidney measuring 12cm i was in surgery the next day all went well Dr. said he got everything all happy.....then in Jan the cat scan showed i had nodules and spots all over both lungs...after the biopsy the finding was definitely renal cell in the lungs. My Dr. wanted me to go to UAB in Birmingham for the high IL2 but the Dr. there wanted to put me into a test program starting in maybe 4-6 weeks? I waited for 3 weeks and didn't feel I could wait any longer so my Dr. has started me on the new drug sutent..has anyone else started it? it just came on the seen in Jan 06, I'm claiming John 11:4 this disease is not unto death, I know God didn't take my son home and give us the children and then take me so I'm trusting and believing. who ever reads this you trust and be live too. sorry I've gone on and on


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    Hello- I'm sorry for all you've been through in the last year. My sincere sympathies on the loss of your son.

    I don't know anything about the drug you mentioned, but wanted to say "hello" and wish you luck with your treatment. Keep faith in God and your family-- they will bring you through this. My best to you.
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    Dear 1God:

    Hi. I am dleather. That's abbreviation for Don Leatherman. I've had metastatic RCC for 3 years. I've been on Gemzar/Xeloda and Avastin/Tarceva. Remains to be seen if I will be put on other drugs. If Avastin/Tarceva does like Gemzar/Xeloda I'll soon be immune to it. I've often wondered about the effectiveness of Sutent. My doctor thought it was an option last time I was at M.D. Anderson but I elected to stay with Avastin/Tarceva since those two killed 2 tumors in my left lung last year. Would love to know how Sutunt is serving you. I'll pray for you. Your friend. D. Lman
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    Praise the LORD! I am on my fourth go round of Sutent.My OC started me on sutent when one of my lung tumors showed signs of growing back in May.After I finished my third set of pills we did another ct-scan to check the tumors out.When
    I went back to my OC he was all smiles.He told me I showed an 80% improvement in my lungs. He told me he had to get my old ct's out to find what he was looking for because he couldn't find anything on the latest ct I just had taken.The side effects have been minimal.My nose is very raw and sore.Loss of taste and my lips are dry and sensitive.My finger tips too have become very sensitive.My anus is very sore and I suffer from constipation.My OC told me to drink more water.As of lately my feet have really started to hurt.Doctor doesn't think this is caused by the Sutent but I just read someones message that said he suffered from foot problems.In two weeks I start my 5th go round.My doctor said he may take me off but I told him no. If me taking this drug can help others I'll keep taking it.The side effects are worth the little aches and pains I now have to put up with.If you want to email me you can reach me at Pray you are feeling better.Trust in GOD.People at my Church say I have been an inspiration to them by the way I have put my Faith in the LORD for healing.May the LORD make HIS face shine upon you.GOD BLESS