Wrong treatment?

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I was treated with Cisplatin and 5FU mix, 4 days in a row, three weeks apart, 2 times. Radiation during whole time. Then surgery. Nothing else. Stage II squamous cell carcinoma of rectum. After reading alot of you guy's experiences, I worry I was not treated enough. I feel great (except for the breast cancer I'm now battling). Should I worry? Just coming up on 1 1/2 years since diagnosis.
Am I just being paranoid? Thanks for your help in this.


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    Hi Kathi:

    Andy Grove, the man who started Intel, wrote a book titled "Only the Paranoid Survive". Although he was talking about surviving in the technology world, I think that being paranoid is also our first line of defense. So you're right on track in my book.

    I don't have first-hand experience with your exact situation but I think you probably want to go to a difference cancer center and get another opinion.

    Also my personal experience says that a university with a teching hospital and a cancer center is almost always better than just private oncology practices. The universities are up on all the latest stuff and they are just more inquisitive than the conveyor-belt chemo providers.

    Best of luck to you in getting to the bottom of things - er, no pun intended :)

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    Hi Kathi,
    I don't think you're being paranoid. I question my oncologist all the time and will be seeking a second opinion sometime soon even though my treatment appears to be working. I believe it's always ok to question things so that you feel comfortable. As a cancer patient or survivor we have to advocate for ourselves in order to have peace of mind so that we won't worry . Chances are that your treatment was correct for your cancer, but if you have any doubts why not ask questions?
    Take care,
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    How about getting a second and possibly a third opinion? From what I have rad and heard, treatment for stage II is all aver the map - from no chemo to lots of it. Don't stress...just check it out with another doc. Go over bloods and all of your tests and see if you can find someone to give a heartfelt opinion of what you received. I know that docs cover one another, but you will find some answers. Keep probing. Allthe best to you and so thrilled that you sound so well - Maura...coming up on 1.5 years after dx myself... Take care.
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    The number of opinions out there seem to equal the number of doctors.. question, question, question..why do you think they call it a "practice"? Do question your current docs, and then get other opinions. Nanuk
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    I agree with CAMaura that treatment for Stage II rectal is quite variable. I am sure that what you had falls within the range. (I had stage III rectal -- similar treatment to you presurgically but with more chemo post surgery). But I agree with others that, if it is worrying you, you should consult with another doc. For your peace of mind, if nothing else.